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[[Category:South Dakota]]
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[[Category:Statewide Public Safety Systems]]
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System Users

Federal Users

  • National Weather Service
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • U.S. Marshall Service
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Enforcement
  • Transportation Security Administration (Unknown Airport)
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
  • National Parks Service
  • Bureau of Reclaimation

Military Users

  • National Guard
  • Civil Air Patrol

State Users

  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Highway Patrol

Site Directory

Site ID City County Control Ch 1 Control Ch 2 Control Ch 3 Latitude Longitude
001 Aberdeen Brown 156.15000a 157.27500a 159.37500c
002 Iona Lyman 156.01500a 159.28500c 159.69000a
003 Pierre Hughes 156.13500a 156.24000a 159.79500c
004 Rapid City (Skyline) Pennington 156.09000a 159.25500a 159.39000c
005 Sioux Falls (Wall Lake) Minnehaha 155.70000a 157.41250c
006 Billsburg Haakon 159.18000a 159.96000c
007 Bowdle Edmunds 159.04500a 159.87000c
008 Desmet Kingsbury 159.01500a 159.33000a 159.88500c
009 Isabel Dewey 159.40500c 159.73500a
010 Miller Hand 159.03000a 159.27000c 160.06500a
011 Mitchell Davidson 159.00000a 159.84000c
012 Custer (Mt Coolidge) Custer 157.37500c 159.21000a
013 Summit Roberts 157.31250a 158.64000c 159.16500a
014 Lead Lawrence 159.60000c 160.09500a
015 Turkey Ridge Turner 157.95000a 159.37500a 159.94500c
016 Webster Webster 156.19500a 157.35000c 159.93000a
017 White River Mellette 156.15000c 159.43500a
018 Fort Pierre Stanley 158.91000a 159.67500c
019 Agar Sully 157.31250a 159.90000c
020 Custer (Bear Mtn.) Custer 157.20000a 157.41250c
021 Crandall Day 159.15000a 160.14000c
022 Edgemont Fall River 159.12000a 159.79500c
023 Enning Meade 156.22500c 159.22500a 159.64500a
024 Faith Perkins 155.52000a 157.47000c
025 Britton Marshall 159.66000a 159.96000c
026 Long Valley Jackson 156.19500c 159.93000a
027 Lowry Walworth 159.33000c 159.81000a
028 Madison Lake 159.78000c 160.06500a
029 Murdo Jones 155.73000a 159.60000c
030 Ridgeview Dewey 156.18000a 159.49500c
031 Hill City Pennington 159.45000c 159.91500a
032 Reva Harding 159.10500c 159.31500a
033 Stickney Aurora 155.55000a 157.47000c 159.04500a
034 Toronto Deuel 155.68500a 159.97500c
035 Vermillion Clay 157.20000a 159.28500c
036 Pickstown Charles Mix 157.80000c 157.92000a
037 McLaughlin Corson 155.65500c 157.92000a
038 Lemmon (Shade Hill) Perkins 158.58000c 159.45000a
039 Brookings Brookings 157.92000a 158.61000c
040 Huron Beadle 159.10500a 159.30000c
041 Watertown Coddington 158.01000c 158.67000a
042 Yankton Yankton 158.07000c 158.67000a
043 Baltic Minnehaha 157.26250c 157.75500a 157.95000a
044 Sioux Falls Simulcast Minnehaha 157.86000c 158.05500c 158.55000c
045 Sturgis (Sly Hill) Meade 157.95000a 158.58000c
046 Winner Tripp 158.49000a 158.64000c
047 Orient (Hill) Hand 158.49000a 158.64000c
048 Wall Pennington 157.98000c 158.52000a
049 Porcupine Ridge Shannon 155.46000a 155.62500c
050 Castle Rock Butte 157.51500c 158.01000a 158.47500a
051 Mound City Campbell
052 Beresford Union 157.32500c 157.78500a
054 Site-54
055 Site 55

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