Spectrum Sweeper

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Spectrum Sweeper allows you to watch for near-field activity on selected frequency bands or Police/Fire frequency bands only.

Spectrum Sweeper will work in the background if you program it as an object in the PSR500/600/310/410 only.

Once an active frequency is found, the transmission is played through your scanner’s speaker, and you can quickly store it in any of your scanner’s memory locations.

Spectrum Sweeper functions by rapidly sweeping through the RF spectrum in 1 MHz segments. If RF signal energy is detected in a 1 MHz segment, Spectrum Sweeper will sweep through the 1 MHz segment in finer steps until the source of the RF signal energy is found.

You can change the normal Spectrum Sweeper operation to the Special Spectrum Sweeper operation. If you lock out 5 frequencies within a 1 MHz segment, the scanner will skip that segment in subsequent sweeps.

Available on the PSR-700, PSR-800, PSR-310, PSR-410, PSR-300, PSR-400, PSR-500, PSR-600, and PSR-100.

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