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Springfield-Branson Regional Airport (SGF)
City: Springfield
County: Greene
State: Missouri
ARTCC: Kansas City

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Welcome to the Springfield-Branson Regional Airport (SGF) aviation article, the airport located in Greene County, Missouri.
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Airport Operations

Aviation Spectrum Resources

  • 136.8500 KAA4 13K0A2D
  • 130.0250 KYF9 13K0A2D
  • 131.5500 KYF9 13K0A2D
  • 136.8000 KYF9 13K0A2D
  • 136.9750 {{Callsign|WQAI201} 14K0G1D


American Airlines/American Eagle

  • WXG506 460.8500 Base/Mobiles (20K)
  • WPJP978 460.7750 Mobiles (20K)

Continental Airlines

Delta Airlines

  • WQNC344 463.8275 Repeater (Ground, Cargo, Fuel Maintenance) (11K)
  • WQNC344 461.8375 Mobiles (Ground, Cargo, Fuel Maintenance) (11K)
  • WQNC344 463.9125 Mobiles (Ground, Cargo, Fuel Maintenance) (11K)
  • WQNC344 464.7625 Mobiles (Ground, Cargo, Fuel Maintenance) (11K)
  • WQNC344 464.7875 Mobiles (Ground, Cargo, Fuel Maintenance) (11K)
  • WQNC344 464.9125 Mobiles (Ground, Cargo, Fuel Maintenance) (11K)

Pinnacle Airlines

United Airlines


  • Aarons Automotive 462.275 467.275 467.45 Mobiles WPCP764
  • Bobs Rentals 463.625 Base/Mobile (20K) KNHD782
  • UPS 457.7125 457.7875 457.8875, 467.1875 467.5125 Mobiles (11K) WPMS472