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  • Member of the East-West Gateway, Council of Governments (EWG-COG) that serves 4000 sq.mi. including the city of St. Louis and Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties in Missouri and Madison, Monroe, and St. Clair counties in Illinois. The Board of Directors has the responsibility of selecting the road, bridge and transit projects in the region that will receive federal funds,

The county has joined St. Louis County will roll out a new emergency alert program, Smart911, starting Oct. 1, 2023. A new mass notification system will send information on a variety of situations, including evacuations, missing persons alerts, severe weather alerts and road closures. --- PAGER TONES (page missing???)

  • 3822/3827 North - 617.0/979.7 154.325 (2021)

St Louis County Government

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Emergency Communications Commission

  • Webpage
  • Administers emergency communication system including an inter-operable, county-wide wireless radio communication network providing communications links that permit participating governmental entities to communicate within the geographic boundaries of the county. This includes the radio system, the emergency alert system, and the enhancements to the 911 system.
  • Municipal Abbreviation Codes (PDF)


  • Radio System User Policies and Guidelines
  • Law Enforcement Radios – The standard mobile radio shall be the Motorola APX7500 dual-band (800MHz/VHF) model. The standard portable radio for law enforcement agencies shall be the Motorola APX6000 (800MHz) model. Both include P25, GPS, and Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP) functionality.
  • Fire/EMS Radios – The standard mobile radio for shall be the Motorola APX7500 dual-band (800MHz/VHF) model. The standard portable radio for fire/EMS agencies shall be the Motorola APX7000XE dual-band (800MHz/VHF) “extreme environment” model. Both include P25, GPS, and Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP) functionality.
  • Local Government Radios – The standard mobile radio shall be the Motorola XTL2500 (800MHz) model. The standard portable radio for local government agencies shall be the Motorola XTS2500 (800MHz) model. Both include P25, GPS, and Over-The-Air Programming (OTAP) functionality.
  • ECC maintains a cache of 138 portable radios. 126 APX7000 dual-band and 12 APX7000XE dual-band portables.(Can be assigned to non-local personnel, like the MO National Guard or the US Secret Service)
  • Scene of Action (SOA) Talkgroups - available on all radios, but not monitored by any dispatcher. There are 2 county-wide interoperability SOA talkgroups, divided north and south by Page Ave, both being used in encryption mode only. Not to be used for Surveillance, check points, traffic, funerals/parades, non-essential radio traffic
  • Countywide Back-up facility at 14847 Ladue Bluffs Crossing, Chesterfield. Not designed as long-term use as a stand-alone PSAP (9 Radio only positions, 6 E911 positions, 9 NextGen 911 positions)

St Louis County Police Department

There are 1.3 million people in St. Louis City and County. St. Louis County has a little more than 1 million people. The SLCPD is the primary law enforcement agency (including contracts) to approximately 407,000 county residents. That leaves the remaining county residents living in municipalities and receiving police services from their respective municipal police departments. However, the SLCPD also provides specialty police services at municipal police departments (by their request).

St. Louis County Police Communications (Bureau)

St. Louis County contracts to provide complete police service for the following communities

  • Black Jack, Clarkson Valley, Country Life Acres, Fenton, Grantwood Village, Green Park, Hanley Hills, Jennings, Marlborough, Norwood Court, Pasadena Hills, St. George, Twin Oaks, Valley Park, Vinita Terrace, Wilbur Park, Wildwood and Winchester.

In addition to 66 municipalities and 12 school districts, the SLCPD provides contract law enforcement services to the Missouri Department of Housing and Urban Development; St. Louis MetroLink; Missouri Department of Conservation; Regional Computer Crime Education and Enforcement Group; and Spirit of St. Louis Airport

  • 4/24 - Shortage of dispatchers; 2, 5, 7 precincts are (often) dispatched by the same dispatcher (all patched together)


Specialized Units

  • Bureau of Tactical Support
  • Bureau of Professional Standards
  • St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy
  • Bureau of Security Services
  • Intelligence Operations Bureau
  • Bureau of Transit Police (MetroLink etc.)
  • Division of Criminal Investigation
  • Bureau of Drug Enforcement
  • Bureau of Research and Analysis
  • Bureau of Communications
  • Park Rangers

St. Louis County Police Department Patrol Ancillary Services and Reserve Police Unit: 7900 Forsyth Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63105 Reserve Police Unit, 7900 Forsyth Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63105

The St. Louis County Police Department utilizes a Countywide microwave radio system which provides a cost-efficient and highly reliable method of controlling all of its remote transmitters. The police radio network provides complete coverage of over 500 square miles and is used to control all of the 206 emergency warning sirens located throughout unincorporated and municipal areas.

North County Police Cooperative

  • Began in 2015; Website Facebook
  • Over 60 commission officers, patrolling 4.76 sq.mi. Beverly Hills, Charlack, Dellwood, Flordell Hills (6/24), Hanley Hills, Pine Lawn, Uplands Park, Velda Village Hills, Vinita Park, and Wellston for a total population as of 18044
  • Police dispatched on SLATER, encrypted talkgroup 55400 (see North Central Dispatch Center below)

Frequency Information

  • R.I.O.T. Channel - Radio for Interagency Operations AND Tactics (Interagency Coordination)
  • 769.00438 799.00438 WQNP356 RM Police: Mobile Extenders to P25 System [Expired 10/11] FMN
  • 769.00625 799.00625 WQNP356 RM Police: Mobile Extenders to P25 System [Expired 10/11] FMN

Former Frequencies

  • 453.92500 458.92500 KNBU687 RM 203.5 PL Link to} Fire Dispatch [Expired 9/15]
  • 453.92500 458.92500 KNBU687 RM 218.1 PL {Link to} Fire Dispatch [Expired 9/15]
  • 155.13000 KAA519 BM 103.5 PL (Old) Police: North - Precinct 1 [Canceled 10/16]
  • 155.56500 KAA519 BM 103.5 PL (Old) Police: Precinct 2 (w/ Bel Ridge PD) [Canceled 10/16]
  • 155.65500 KAA519 BM 103.5 PL (Old) Police: Precinct 3/5/7 (Patched to Prec 4) [Canceled 10/16]
  • 154.84500 KAA519 BM 103.5 PL (Old) Police: South County Precinct 4 (Patched to Prec 3) [Canceled 10/16]
  • 154.87500 KAA519 BM 103.5 PL (Old) Police: Precinct 5 (DB: Muni-West 6) [Canceled 10/16]
  • 151.43000 KJE232 BM 91.5 PL (Old) Police: RIOT F (Interagency) [Canceled 10/16]
  • 154.89000 KD5414 M 103.5 PL (Old) Police: Car-to-Car [Canceled 10/16]
  • 154.83000 KD5414 M 103.5 PL (Old) Detectives: Field Operations [Canceled 10/16]
  • 154.72500 159.03000 WPFJ479 RM 103.5 PL Police: Countywide RIOT-A [Canceled 10/16]
  • 155.73000 KAA519 BM 67.0 PL Statewide Sheriff's Net [Ch 12] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 153.96500 KA96529 M 103.5 PL RIOT C - Incident Command [Ch 13] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 156.18000 KAL741 BM 85.4 PL RIOT D - Fire [Ch 14] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 159.39000 KJE232 M 91.5 PL RIOT E - Fire [Ch 15] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 156.12000 153.98000 KZC638 BM 74.4 PL (Old) TACT (Direct) [Ch 19] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 156.12000 KZC638 M 74.4 PL (Old) TACT - Highway Safety Team / Air Ops [Ch 20] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 156.07500 WPDQ259 BM 103.5 PL (Old) Precinct 7 (Simulcast of 155.655-Six Flags) [F-21] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 45.86000 WPIA238 B 151.4 PL Point-to-Point (back up for 155.37) [Expired 8/15]


  • 8CALL90 and 8TAC91 are simulcast on 4 towers in St Peters, St Clair Co, SLMPD and Lambert Airport
  • Will be patched to P25 VHF StL Calling Channel via IPICS Switch at FBI St Louis (Part of the United States Department of Justice - 25 Cities Project)
  • Bases on 154.28, 155.475, 155.7525 at Clayton, Chesterfield, Florissant, St Louis (2 locations). 155.475 Repeater at Clayton, no input listed. (St Louis County Emergency Radio Commission) WQVG550 (Appears to not be in use)

St. Louis Office of Emergency Management Facebook

  • OEM (A division of the St. Louis County Police Department)
  • Outdoor Warning Siren System (OWSS) 206 emergency warning sirens located throughout unincorporated and municipal areas. Siren Policy (PDF)
  • System is automated via RapidWarn Siren Control software (However the software is being replaced with CentrAlert due to accidental activations and automation problems),connected to a Motorola APX6500 700/800 on 800MHz analog with encryption, but is still receivable via digital scanner.
  • This system has around 210 sirens within the county. System is set up for zoned but all call is always used.
  • Current Frequencies:
  • 809.1875 CSQ and 411DPL (This is the input for the repeaters of the frequencies down below, but if close enough to OEM tower, is audible)
  • 854.0625 CSQ, the DPL frequencies are not used.
  • 854.1875 CSQ and 411DPL, POCSAG and Whelen DTMF are heard through this.
  • 856.6125 CSQ and 351DPL, POCSAG and Whelen DTMF are heard.
  • 460.475 for 100-4wt mobiles NFM voice/data for OEM WQYP714
  • 146.94R Tone-Out Info: DTMF 940 and 2 tone: 1433.4/903.2 (This frequency is now a backup)
  • 146.91R PL and Tone-Out Info: DTMF D3*, No two tone is present.

Former Frequencies

  • 155.86500 KZC638 BM 151.4 PL SLC OEM Wx-V ESDA [Canceled 10/16]
  • 156.12000 153.98000 KZC638 RM 74.4 PL StLCo TACT19 ESDA [Canceled 10/16]

St. Louis County Highway Department

  • 150.995 units: 201 (dispatcher), 219, 293, 301, 320, 733, 736

St. Louis County Public Works Department

Former Frequencies

  • 154.055 - heard 203.5 PL heard simulcasting 154.13 CSQ Fire Dispatch
  • 151.10000 159.00000 WNZF597 RM 141.3 PL Operations (private/encrypted) [Ch 1] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 150.9950 159.98500 KNFU316 RM 141.3 PL Operations/Snow Plows [Ch 2/3] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 151.115 159.01500 KNFU316 RM 167.9 PL Traffic / Admin [Canceled 10/16]
  • 154.055 WZM953 BM Operations (5700 Arsenal St) [Expired 10/15]
  • 154.055 WSQ963 BM Operations (4141 Koch Rd) [Expired 10/15]
  • 151.1 159.00000 WNZF597 RM 69.3 PL Operations (Electricians) [Canceled 10/16]
  • 460.425 KAA519 B Constant Data (CSQ) [Canceled 10/16]
  • 460.525 KAA519 B Constant Data (CSQ) [Canceled 10/16]

St. Louis County Jail and Government Center

  • 453.35000 458.35000 KNBU687 RM 225.7 PL StLCoJailSec Jail: Security [Expired 9/15]
  • 153.80000 KXX628 BM 103.5 PL StLCoJailTrn Jail: Transport [Canceled 10/!6]
  • 460.32500 465.32500 KD5414 RM 162.2 PL StlCo GovCt1 Government Center: Ops [Canceled 10/!6]
  • 460.47500 465.47500 KAA519 RM 162.2 PL StlCo GovCt1 Government Center: Security [Canceled 10/!6]
  • 460.52500 465.52500 KNDR655 RM 250.3 PL StLCo Jail M Jail: Maintenance [Canceled 10/!6]

St. Louis County Parks Department

  • 151.295 159.405 KJE232 RM 88.5 PL StLCoPrkOps Operations [Ch 1] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 151.145 159.255 KJE232 RM 88.5 PL StLCoPrkSec Security [Ch 2] [Canceled 10/16]
  • 151.235 159.33 KJE232 RM 88.5 PL StLCoPrkAdm Administrative [Ch 3] [Canceled 10/16]

Metropolitan St Louis Water District

  • 5K60F2D Data on 173.39625 (400-12wt FXOT) WQPU418

Metropolitan Sewer District

  • 12/22 new for field ops (DMR) on 452/457.4875, 451.5875, 452/457.7125 10-4wt (at Valley Park) WRVL502

REJIS Commission

Regional Computer-Aided Dispatch (RCAD)

  • Regional CAD Service using Motorola Premier One with subscriber agencies. See St Louis City

Emergency Services

Consolidated Dispatch Centers

Metro -- MetroBus/MetroLink (Bi-State Development Agency)

Municipalities and Districts




Federal Government

Missouri Veteran's Home (Bellfontaine Neighbors)

  • 453.5875 TG 10 - RIDs 131, 133 (3/18)
  • 453.5875 TG 20 - RIDs 114, 144, 203 (3/18)

Recreation and Attractions

Schools and Colleges

Former Frequency Usage prior to P25 Trunked System

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Missouri Institute of Mental Health (St. Louis)

  • 5400 Arsenal, also St. Louis Developmental Disabilities Treatment Centers
  • 155.86500 KUN546 BM MIMH Ops 1 Operations [Expired 8/03] FMN Security
  • 155.14500 KUN546 M MIMH Ops 2 Operations [Expired 8/03] FMN Security

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