St. Louis County (MO) Unit Numbers

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St Louis County Unit IDs and Patrols

===St Louis County Police Departmen===t The Division of Patrol has seven precincts that are strategically located throughout the county to serve our citizens. They are; North County precinct, Central County precinct, Affton Southwest County precinct, South County precinct, Fenton precinct, Wildwood precinct and the West County precinct. Each precinct is assigned a Captain as its Commander and nearly 400 uniformed officers work within the Division.

The Division of Patrol maintains 285 fully marked patrol cars equipped with state-of -the -art radios, radar guns, digital video cameras, wireless in-car computers and GPS technology. Many of these cars are utilized as part of the Resident Officer Program that allows officers to take their patrol cars home to their neighborhoods. At any given time during a 24-hour period there are between 80 to 100 on-duty officers patrolling the neighborhoods and business areas, alert for any criminal activity and responding to calls.

The St. Louis County Police Department contracts School Resource Officers to 11 school districts throughout the county. Over 30 officers, dedicated to assist in continuing to provide a safe environment for students, staff and citizens who interact with the district. Our commitment to our children's future is unwavering.

Today, the St. Louis County Police Department is the largest provider of contracted law enforcement services in the State of Missouri - contracting with 71 agencies for a variety of services (see Service Agreements and Partnerships). This includes officers (#) in: Black Jack (8), Clarkson Valley (5), Country Life Acres, Fenton (27), Grantwood Village (2), Green Park (1), Hanley Hills (6), Marlborough (5), MetroLink (22), Missouri Dept Conservation (1), NAMI St. Louis (1), Norwood Court (2), Pasadena Hills (1), Twin Oaks (1), Valley Park (10), Vinita Terrace (1), Wilbur Park, Wildwood (29), Winchester

These services include Patrol, Dispatching and a record management system known as Computer Assisted Report Entry (CARE). When contracting for law enforcement services, the St. Louis County Police strive to work closely with the Municipal Police and Government officials. Since no two communities have the exact same needs, the Municipal Services Unit will customize the delivery of service to meet the needs of the community. Upon weighing the affects of municipal contracting, communities will realize a reduction in operating expenses and personnel costs. In Patrol Service agreements, the officers assigned to the contractual city become valuable additions to the city and work out of the city facilities, providing the same police/community relations as expected from professional law enforcement. Markings on patrol vehicles and officer's uniforms identify our partnership with the city and continue to provide autonomy for the citizens. Additional facets of contracting can be learned by contacting members of the Municipal Services Unit.

Town & Country Police Department Patrol - Five cars with dual RADAR, as well as LIDAR, fully marked black and white Ford Police Interceptors and Dodge Chargers - 24/7. Units 8310-8329. There are three sector cars, one corporal and one sergeant per squad. Also have other marked vehicles M-F during the business day as well as unmarked command vehicles and bureau cars - other 8300 units except for 8340-8349. They patrol back streets, highways, every inch of the city.

8310-8329 -- Patrol 8340-8349 -- Traffic Division

 --- drives dark colored Dodge Chargers. Mainly patrolling I-64, I-270 and MO 141 using dual Stalker radars and LIDAR.

8360-8369 -- Traffic Grant Units

The majority of the radio traffic seems to be shopliftings, false burglar alarms, sick cases where the PD assists EMS. T&C has a lot of retirement facilities (Mari deVille, JCCA - Cedars, Clayton House, etc), and medical facilities which get the majority of the calls. Two major shopping centers (T&C Commons, Meadows) have many special patrols as well as the numerous shoplifting calls.

---- Precinct 1 cars (North County) --
Cities patrolled:
- Blackjack
- Kinloch
- Spanish Lake

---- Precinct 2 cars (Central County) --
Cities patrolled:
2-(a)dam - Bel-Nor -also Bellerive & Greendale-
2-(b)oston - Bel-Ridge
2-(c)harles - Charlack
2-(h)enry - Hillsdale
2-(j)ohn - St John -also Sycamore Hills-
2-(r)obert - Breckenridge Hills
2-(v)ictor - Velda City -also Uplands Park-
2-(w)illiam - Woodson Terrace
- Vinita Terrace
- Hanley Hills
- Pasadena Hills

---- Precinct 3 cars (South County):
Cities patrolled:
3-(b)oston - Lakeshire
3-(e)dward - St. George
- Affton
- Grantwood Village
- Green Park
- Marlborough
- Wilbur Park

---- Precinct 4 cars (Southeast County):
Cities Patrolled:
4-(a)dam - Bella Villa
- Lemay
- Mehlville
- Oakville

---- Precinct 5 cars (Fenton):
Cities Patrolled:
- Fenton
x500 - Fenton

---- Precinct 6 cars (Wildwood):

Other Unit IDs

  • Glendale & Warson Woods Unit IDs (155.580Mhz - 123.0hz CTCSS)
    • 3700 - Glendale Police
    • 9200 - Warson Woods Police