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|Owner            = Granite Electronics
|OwnerTypeDetails = Owned Privately, Used Publicly
|City             = St. Cloud
|SysName = St. Cloud Local Gov't
|County           = [[Benton County (MN)|Benton]]
|Flavor  = Motorola Type II Hybrid
|State            = [[Minnesota (US)|Minnesota]]
|Band    = 800 MHz
|Band            = 800 MHz
|FCCLic  = WNRI487
|SysType          = [[Motorola Type II]] Hybrid
|City   = St. Cloud
|SysID            = ?
|County = [[Benton County (MN)|Benton]]
|CTones          = ?
|OwnerTy = Private Owned, Public Usage
|NAC              = n/a
|sid     = 2641
|Callsigns        = {{Callsign|WNRI487}}
|sid             = 2641
|state            = minnesota
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I still do not know what happened to most commercial users. The government users switched to the ARMER trunk system.
I still do not know what happened to most commercial users. The government users switched to the ARMER trunk system.
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Private Trunked Radio System

NameSt Cloud Local Government - Granite Electronics
OwnerGranite Electronics
Owner TypeOwned Privately, Used Publicly
CitySt. Cloud
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeMotorola Type II Hybrid
Connect Tone?
P25 NACn/a

FCC Callsign(s)

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NOTE: This system has been marked as deprecated in the RRDB.

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Welcome to the St Cloud Local Government - Granite Electronics collaboration article, a Deprecated Private Trunked Radio System located in Benton County, Minnesota, United States.
This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

This system has been abandoned as St. Cloud City services have all migrated to ARMER.

Historical System Notes

Granite Electronics trunked radio service offers Central Minnesota radio users a wide area, simple to use radio system, for an economical price. Five towers serve Central Minnesota, they are located in St. Cloud, Avon, Monticello, Little Falls, and Mora.

Users Are: St Cloud Police Dept., St. Cloud Fire Dept., St. Cloud Public Utilites and St. Cloud Airport. There maybe several commerical users also.

5-30-05 Benton County, Minnesota

This TRS has become a ghost town, making me assume that it is being eliminated. All government talkgroups have gone silent, in favor of the new "ARMER" digital radio system.

In the last couple months, these are the only frequencies I have observed in use with this radio system: 857.5875, 859.5875, 860.5875, and 862.7375. The data channel continues to change daily, bouncing between 857.5875 and 859.5875.

The only two talkgroups that remain active are . . . 16 ==> rental radios (rarely used, active as of May 2005) 33344 ==> unkown machinery company (active as of May 2005)

All other commercial users appear ot have left this radio system. Phillips Recycling appears to have licensed its own frequency with the FCC. I am at a loss as to what DHL Airborne Express and other commercial users have switched.

10-13-05 This trunk system appears to have gone offline permanently last week.

The system was active with one commercial user remaining on October 3, 2005. By October 8, even the control frequencies were silent.

I still do not know what happened to most commercial users. The government users switched to the ARMER trunk system.

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