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9XX    DPS Staff<br/>
9XX    DPS Staff<br/>
7XX    DPS Security Staff<br/>
7XX    DPS Security Staff<br/>
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Oregon State Police

12 Codes

12-1 In Service
12-2 Out of Service
12-3 Return to Office
12-4 Call Office or Other by Phone
12-5 Repeat Message
12-6 Contact Address or Complainant
12-7 Motor Vehicle Registration Check
12-8 Motor Vehicle Registration and Legal Owner Check
12-9 Check PUC Status
12-10 Check for Operator's License
12-10A No Valid Operator's License
12-11 Desire Description from Operator's License
12-12 Unable to Copy, Change Location
12-13 Stations and/or Cars Called, Prepare to Write
12-14 Relay Following to Station
12-15 Locate for Emergency Message
12-16 Motor Vehicle Accident
12-16A Motor Vehicle Accident, Fatal
12-16B Motor Vehicle Accident, Injuries, No Ambulance
12-17 Motor Vehicle Accident, Ambulance Dispatched
12-18 Dispatch Ambulance
12-19 Dispatch Tow Vehicle
12-20 Check for Record and Wants or Stolen
12-20A Can Subject Hear Radio? - Sensitive Information
12-21 No Record or Report on Subject
12-22 Prior Misdemeanor Record - Not Wanted
12-23 Prior Felony Record - Not Wanted
12-24A Subject Wanted - Felony
12-24B Subject Wanted - Misdemeanor
12-25 Similar Subject Record, Added Info Required
12-26 Base Station Going Out of Service
12-27 Call by Radio on Arrival at Office
12-28 Suspicious Person
12-29 Disturbance
12-30 Reckless Driver
12-31 Intoxicated Driver
12-32 Intoxicated Person
12-33 Emergency - All Stations and Cars Remain Silent
12-34 Resume Normal Operations and Traffic
12-35 Abandoned Motor Vehicle
12-36 Illegal Hunting - Vicinity
12-37 Advise Road and Weather Vicinity
12-38 Switch Radio Frequency
12-39 Attention All Stations
12-40 Standby, Busy
12-41 Go Ahead with Your Traffic
12-42 No Traffic
12-43 Disregard Previous Transmission
12-44 Accident or Spill - Hazardous Material
12-45 Burglar Alarm
12-46 What is the Telephone Number of Your Station?
12-47 Computer Files Temporarily Unavailable
12-48 Computer Files Now Available
12-49 Death Investigation
12-49A Possibl Homicide
12-50 Message Not Radio Traffic, Handle by Phone
12-51 Sex Offender
12-52 Radio Technicians Enroute to Your Station
12-53 Regular Power Out, Using Emergency Power
12-54 Testing Station, Desire Report of Voice Quality
12-55 Transmit an Equipment Test, Count 1 to 5
12-56 No Help Immediately Available
12-57 Disabled Motorist
12-58 Narcotic Activity
12-59 Late Return - Advise My Residence
12-65 Roll Call of All Units
12-88 Off Duty
12-94 All Clear - No Assistance Needed
12-96 Vehicle Stop - Location and License
12-97 Radio Check Only - Location Optional
12-98 Officer Needs Help - Non Emergency
12-99 Officer Needs Help - Emergency

Unit Designators

Main Patrol Offices

8wXX ODOT Motor Carrier Enforcement

University Patrol Office

24XX OSP Troopers
9XX DPS Staff
7XX DPS Security Staff