State Police (OR)

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Oregon State Police

12 Codes

12-1 In Service
12-2 Out of Service
12-3 Return to Office
12-4 Call Office or Other by Phone
12-5 Repeat Message
12-6 Contact Address or Complainant
12-7 Motor Vehicle Registration Check
12-8 Motor Vehicle Registration and Legal Owner Check
12-9 Check PUC Status
12-10 Check for Operator's License
12-10A No Valid Operator's License
12-11 Desire Description from Operator's License
12-12 Unable to Copy, Change Location
12-13 Stations and/or Cars Called, Prepare to Write
12-14 Relay Following to Station
12-15 Locate for Emergency Message
12-16 Motor Vehicle Accident
12-16A Motor Vehicle Accident, Fatal
12-16B Motor Vehicle Accident, Injuries, No Ambulance
12-17 Motor Vehicle Accident, Ambulance Dispatched
12-18 Dispatch Ambulance
12-19 Dispatch Tow Vehicle
12-20 Check for Record and Wants or Stolen
12-20A Can Subject Hear Radio? - Sensitive Information
12-21 No Record or Report on Subject
12-22 Prior Misdemeanor Record - Not Wanted
12-23 Prior Felony Record - Not Wanted
12-24A Subject Wanted - Felony
12-24B Subject Wanted - Misdemeanor
12-25 Similar Subject Record, Added Info Required
12-26 Base Station Going Out of Service
12-27 Call by Radio on Arrival at Office
12-28 Suspicious Person
12-29 Disturbance
12-30 Reckless Driver
12-31 Intoxicated Driver
12-32 Intoxicated Person
12-33 Emergency - All Stations and Cars Remain Silent
12-34 Resume Normal Operations and Traffic
12-35 Abandoned Motor Vehicle
12-36 Illegal Hunting - Vicinity
12-37 Advise Road and Weather Vicinity
12-38 Switch Radio Frequency
12-39 Attention All Stations
12-40 Standby, Busy
12-41 Go Ahead with Your Traffic
12-42 No Traffic
12-43 Disregard Previous Transmission
12-44 Accident or Spill - Hazardous Material
12-45 Burglar Alarm
12-46 What is the Telephone Number of Your Station?
12-47 Computer Files Temporarily Unavailable
12-48 Computer Files Now Available
12-49 Death Investigation
12-49A Possibl Homicide
12-50 Message Not Radio Traffic, Handle by Phone
12-51 Sex Offender
12-52 Radio Technicians Enroute to Your Station
12-53 Regular Power Out, Using Emergency Power
12-54 Testing Station, Desire Report of Voice Quality
12-55 Transmit an Equipment Test, Count 1 to 5
12-56 No Help Immediately Available
12-57 Disabled Motorist
12-58 Narcotic Activity
12-59 Late Return - Advise My Residence
12-65 Roll Call of All Units
12-88 Off Duty
12-94 All Clear - No Assistance Needed
12-96 Vehicle Stop - Location and License
12-97 Radio Check Only - Location Optional
12-98 Officer Needs Help - Non Emergency
12-99 Officer Needs Help - Emergency

Clearance Codes

These are codes called in at the completion of a law-enforcement stop by the State Police Troopers. More common than not is WMATN or Willie-Mary-Adam-Tom-Norah.

1st position: Race

  • W = White
  • B = Black
  • A = Asian
  • H = Hispanic

2nd position: Gender

  • M = Male
  • F = Female

3rd position: Age

  • A = Adult
  • Y = Youth
  • J = Juvenile

4th position: Stop type

  • T = Traffic
  • C = Criminal
  • W = Wildlife

5th position: Search conducted

  • N = No Search
  • S = Search
    • Note: the S or Sam will usually have number after it to let dispatch know if anything was found

Also, a Criminal stop could be like someone called 911 to say someone was smoking pot in their car, or other illegal activity, and the OSP pulled that car over, not for a traffic violation,but because of the call to 911.

Unit Designators

Main Patrol Offices

8wXX ODOT Motor Carrier Enforcement

University Patrol Office

24XX OSP Troopers
9XX DPS Staff
7XX DPS Security Staff