TRIconneX Connect Plus (WV-PA-OH) Site Research

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Sites not confirmed as being online as of 6-14-2017

Coraopolis PA - Allegheny Co
site=23 LCN= 1 TX=454.65000 RX=459.65000 DCC=12  CC
site=23 LCN= 2 TX=461.97500 RX=466.97500 DCC=12  CC
site=23 LCN= 3 TX=462.10000 RX=467.10000 DCC=12
site=23 LCN= 4 TX=464.10000 RX=469.10000 DCC=12

LCNs not currently in use on sites [but listed in network map]

site=20 LCN= 5 TX=464.61250 RX=469.61250 DCC=12