TRIconneX Connect Plus (WV-PA-OH) Site Research

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Active frequencies for we do not know the proper LCN

Washington PA (Fallowfield Twp) - Washington Co
site=21 LCN= 1 TX=470.63750 RX=473.63750 DCC=12  CC
site=21 LCN= 2 TX=464.25000 RX=469.25000 DCC=12  CC
site=21 LCN= 3 TX=464.60000 RX=469.60000 DCC=12
site=21 LCN= 4 TX=452.37500 RX=457.37500 DCC=12
site=21 LCN= 5 TX=461.45000 RX=466.45000 DCC=12

Coraopolis PA - Allegheny Co
site=23 LCN= 1 TX=454.65000 RX=459.65000 DCC=12  CC
site=23 LCN= 2 TX=461.97500 RX=466.97500 DCC=12  CC
site=23 LCN= 3 TX=462.10000 RX=467.10000 DCC=12
site=23 LCN= 4 TX=464.10000 RX=469.10000 DCC=12

Meadville PA - Crawford Co
site=24 LCN= 1 TX=452.22500 RX=457.22500 DCC=12  CC
site=24 LCN= 2 TX=464.00000 RX=469.00000 DCC=12  CC
site=24 LCN= 3 TX=451.47500 RX=456.47500 DCC=12

Rochester Mills PA - Indiana Co
site=27 LCN= 1 TX=462.11250 RX=467.11250 DCC=12  CC
site=27 LCN= 2 TX=464.16250 RX=469.16250 DCC=12  CC
site=27 LCN= 3 TX=463.36250 RX=468.36250 DCC=12
site=27 LCN= 4 TX=464.96250 RX=469.96250 DCC=12
site=27 LCN= 5 TX=461.17500 RX=466.17500 DCC=12

Frequencies listed above have been verified as being active / valid frequencies for that particular site. However, we do not know the LCN associated with these particular frequencies. If you are savvy and are able to determine the LCNs associated with these frequencies, please submit your confirmed data using the Submit button under this trunked system in the database.