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Features Reorganization

Would it be possible for someone to reorganize the features section so that like features are grouped together? They kind of seem all over the place.

Ryanisflyboy 16:05, 10 December 2008 (CST)

Custom Search Banks

This is great! I just have one request. I need more custom search banks. With all the different bands that I want to set up with some being conventional and some being trunked, it would be great to have 20 banks. It is the only item I run across when I travel that I would really love...other than the new ones listed above. Paul O. More custom banks please!! Thanks! Bill

Various Feature Requests

Hardware: A discriminator tap would be very useful, there is plenty of legal signals to receive that require a discriminator tap. An IF tap would be welcome for I/Q demod. Bluetooth audio for using a Bluetooth headset. Dimmable backlight

Firmware: Display Group Quick Key description when activating and deactivating a group for 1 second.

VFO mode:

LTR Passport (Unlikely since there aren't all that many users. There just isn't the demand for it (ka3jjz))

Thank you, Tom

I second a vote for a VFO mode! If nothing else, this is the feature to add IMHO. It would also be nice if there were "stacked" VFO's like most ham HT's. ~John/NX1Z

Additional Frequency Coverage

Would it be possible to:

  • Support the shortwave (<25 MHz) band? (Uniden tried this with the BR330 and it was an abject failure (ka3jjz)))
    • Why was it a failure?
    • (Very good question. When you have a receiver with wideband performance, you often have to make tradeoffs in order to keep costs down, as well as design restrictions. In this case, the scanner easily overloaded if you put too much of an antenna on it, sensitivity was not what it could have been, and selectivity - the ability to seperate two or more stations in close proximity to one another in frequency - was almost non existant. In short, it was the handheld equivalent of the DX1000, a dedicated HF receiver Uniden tried to market several years ago, but ended up having the same kinds of issues (ka3jjz))
  • Support FM SCA? (This could probably be done in the software, to make things easier, the user could program in the SCA frequency in the same portion where a D/PL would usually go and the scanner could pick up on this and tune to that location) (While possible, there is the question of tapping into a service that you nominally need to pay a subscription fee for. Some legal issues might exist here (ka3jjz))
    • There is just as much an issue with including GMRS in those FRS radios. That doesn't stop Motorola. It's all on the burden of the user.
  • Allow a "Tune" function like those in some of the RS scanners so that an individual frequency could be tuned to without needing to program it in? (This would also be useful in conjunction with the control channel output function)

All DMA scanners (including this one) already have this feature.

  • Support the decoding of text messaging sent across P25 channels?
  • I know that the SCA and the decoding of text messages could be done by ourselves if you would give us standard discriminator audio output. So you could probably scratch the both of those in place of discriminator audio.

--Thanks, Shell