Terrebonne Parish (LA) Bridges

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Terrebonne Parish (LA) Bridges

  • Bayou Terrebonne Liftbridge @ 781 Sarah Rd. (aka State Road 58),Montegut (KGA444) (29.481866/-90.555148)
  • Barrow St. (aka State Road 315) Drawbridge over the Intracoastal Waterway,Houma (KJA524) (29.568084/-90.720828)
  • Little Caillou Rd. (aka State Road 56) Liftbridge over Bayou Petit Gaillou,Chauvin (KMC955) (29.386413/-90.619661)
  • Buquet Liftbridge along Falgout Canal Rd. over Bayou Dulac,Dulac (KMD230) (29.382694/-90.715080) (Liftbridge has an address of 7814 Grand Caillou Rd. (aka State Road 57))
  • Bayou Dularge Rd. (aka State Road 315) Liftbridge over Falgout Canal,Theriot (WAB936) (29.411962/-90.782709)
  • Houma Navigation Liftbridge along S. Van Ave. (aka State Road 661) over the Intracoastal Waterway,Houma (WDT573) (29.568450/-90.715214)

  • All Sta.'s are licensed to operate on Marine Channels 09, 13 & 16

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