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Nebraska SRS is now in full operation across Nebraska.

The following list contains towers located near the most heavily traveled roads in Nebraska.

See Travel Reference (NE) for additional Nebraska travel information.

I-80-Wyoming Border to Iowa Border, Including I-76 into/out of Colorado and Hwy 30, Wyoming Border to Grand Island, Ne.

80-Kimball 34-Sidney 36-Ogallala 53-North Platte 45-Cozad 42-Holdrege 56-Pleasanton 59-Giltner 69-Milford 55-Lincoln 70-Omaha

Hwy 30-Grand Island, Ne to Iowa Border.

59-Giltner 73-Osceola 74-Humphrey 67-Cedar Bluffs 70-Omaha

Hwy 20-Wyoming Border to Iowa Border

33-Harrison 31-Chadron 38-Rushville 51-Merriman 46-Crookston 43-Bassett 62-O'Neill 63-Elgin 64-Hartington 65-Jones Creek

Hwy 275-O'Neill, Ne. to Hooper, Ne.

43-Bassett 63-Elgin 66-Norfolk 75-Craig 67-Cedar Bluffs

Hwy 81-South Dakota to Kansas Border.

64-Hartington 66-Norfolk 74-Humphrey 73-Oscoela 72-Superior

Hwy 77-Iowa Border to Kansas Border.

65-Jones Creek 75-Craig 67-Cedar Bluffs 55-Lincoln 79-Sterling 68-Beatrice

Hwy 75-Iowa Border to Kansas Border.

65-Jones Creek 75-Craig 70-Omaha 76-Plattsmouth 901-Nebraska City 78-Falls City

Hwy 183-South Dakota to Kansas Border.

43-Bassett 40-Merna 56-Pleasanton 42-Holdredge

Hwy 6 and Hwy 34-Colorado Border to Holdrege.

49-Imperial 48-Hayes Center 50-McCook 44-Beaver City 42-Holdrege

Hwy 385-Colorado Border to South Dakota Border.

34-Sidney 30-Angora 31-Chadron

Hwy 71-Colorado Border to Scottsbluff, Ne.

35-Mitchell 80-Kimball

Nebraska Hwy 2, Alliance to Dunning, Ne.

32-Mumper, 54-Whitman, 47-Thedford

Hwy 281-Kansas Border to South Dakota Border

71-Franklin, 72-Superior, 59-Giltner, 58-Wolbach, 63-Elgin, 62-O'Neill, 60-Naper

>>>>Please note, the N-WIN is a Smartzone system which means if no radio is affiliated to the tower site you will not hear anything on that site.<<<<

If you are traveling out of Nebraska, here are links to states with statewide trunked radio systems surrounding Nebraska

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