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Virginia Trunked Radio Systems Database Entry

Federal Trunked Systems

System Name Band Type City County

Public Trunked Systems

System Name Band Type City County

Utility Trunked Systems

System Name Band Type City County

Education Trunked Systems

System Name Band Type City County

Private Trunked Systems

System Name Band Type City County
[[Alexandria Motorola Alexandria Alexandria 02-19-2011
[[Alleghany County LTR Alleghany County Alleghany 09-01-2009
[[American Electric Power (Eastern US) EDACS Various Multi County [172] 03-07-2011
[[Amoco Oil EDACS Hornsbyville York 12-16-2007
[[Anheuser-Busch Brewery (Williamsburg) Motorola Williamsburg James City 08-28-2009
[[Areawide Communications (Hampton) LTR Hampton Hampton 03-12-2009
[[Areawide Communications (Virginia Beach) LTR Virginia Beach Virginia Beach 05-11-2004
[[ARINC (Reagan Washington National Airport) Motorola Arlington Arlington 08-23-2009
[[Arlington County (Motorola) Motorola Arlington Arlington 10-02-2009
[[Arlington County (Project 25) Project 25 Arlington Arlington 02-19-2011
[[Boy Scouts of America LTR Bowling Green Caroline 08-03-2010
[[BWX Technologies Motorola Lynchburg Campbell 02-23-2006
[[Capital Region Airport Commission Motorola Richmond Henrico 01-24-2011
[[Cavalier Communications LTR Charlottesville Albemarle 03-09-2007
[[CBZ Systems LTR Chester Chesterfield 06-27-2005
[[Central Planning District EDACS Various Multi County [4] 02-11-2011
[[Champion Communication (Falls Church) LTR Falls Church Falls Church 07-16-2004
[[Charlottesville / Albemarle County Motorola Charlottesville Multi County [2] 02-19-2011
[[Chesapeake Motorola Chesapeake Chesapeake 01-04-2011
[[Colonial Williamsburg LTR Williamsburg Williamsburg 06-16-2008
[[Commercial Radio Services Motorola Newport News Newport News 10-02-2005
[[Commtronics (Midlothian) Motorola Richmond Chesterfield 06-12-2008
[[Commtronics (Petersburg) LTR Petersburg Petersburg 06-01-2008
[[Commtronics (Richmond #1) LTR Richmond Chesterfield 04-22-2010
[[Commtronics (Richmond #2) LTR Richmond Chesterfield 06-01-2008
[[Communications Specialists (Fredericksburg) LTR Fredericksburg Spotsylvania 10-18-2009
[[Communications Specialists (Madison) LTR Madison Madison 01-04-2010
[[Defense Supply Center Richmond Project 25 Richmond Chesterfield 05-19-2009
[[Delmarva Power / Atlantic City Electric Motorola Various Multi County [23] 12-23-2010
[[Dominion North Anna Power Station Motorola Centerville Louisa 01-22-2007
[[Eastern Virginia Regional Communications Motorola Various Multi County [4] 10-15-2010
[[Fairfax County Public Safety Motorola Fairfax Multi County [2] 02-16-2011
[[Fairfax County Services Motorola Fairfax County Multi County [2] 02-16-2011
[[Fauquier County / Culpeper County / Rappahannock County Motorola Various Multi County [3] 02-19-2011
[[Federal Correctional Complex Petersburg Motorola Petersburg Prince George 08-31-2010
[[FleetTalk (Bull Run) LTR Bull Run Prince William 12-21-2009
[[FleetTalk Partners (Independent Hill) LTR Independent Hill Prince William 08-18-2009
[[Ford Motor Company - Norfolk Assembly Plant Motorola Norfolk Norfolk 02-18-2010
[[Francis Communications Motorola Roanoke Multi County [3] 03-12-2009
[[Franklin City Public Safety LTR Franklin Franklin 10-16-2010
[[Frederick County Public Schools LTR Frederick County Frederick 06-11-2010
[[Gately Communications (Newport News) LTR Newport News Newport News 03-12-2009
[[Gately Communications (Virginia Beach) LTR Virginia Beach Virginia Beach 08-21-2005
[[Gately Communications (Williamsburg) LTR Williamsburg Williamsburg 06-16-2008
[[Great Wolf Lodge (Williamsburg) LTR Williamsburg York 02-19-2010
[[Greenspring Retirement Community LTR Springfield Fairfax 02-08-2011
[[Guillera Communications Motorola Metairie Multi County [3] 10-02-2010
[[Hampton (EDACS) EDACS Hampton Hampton 02-23-2011
[[Hampton (Project 25) Project 25 Hampton Hampton 03-10-2011
[[Hanover County (Project 25) Project 25 Hanover County Hanover 03-11-2011
[[Harrisonburg LTR Harrisonburg Harrisonburg 05-12-2004
[[Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Public Safety EDACS Harrisonburg Rockingham 01-06-2011
[[Henrico County Public Schools LTR Henrico County Henrico 06-01-2008
[[High Peak Communications Motorola Amherst Amherst 08-20-2006
[[Integrated Wireless Network (IWN) National Capital Region Project 25 Washington Multi County [7] 02-01-2011
[[James City County / York County / Williamsburg / Poquoson Project 25 Various Multi County [5] 02-19-2011
[[Join Expeditionary Base West Little Creek Project 25 Unknown Norfolk 10-09-2010
[[Joint National Capital Region (008) Project 25 Vienna Fairfax 05-08-2009
[[Joint National Capital Region (Fort AP Hill) Project 25 Bowling Green Caroline 02-14-2011
[[Joint National Capital Region (Fort Belvoir/Naval District of Washington) Project 25 Various Multi County [8] 03-02-2011
[[Joint National Capital Region (Fort Myer) Project 25 Fort Myer Arlington 10-07-2010
[[Joint National Capital Region (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) Project 25 Various Multi County [5] 12-07-2010
[[Langley Air Force Base Motorola Langley AFB Hampton 10-14-2010
[[Linden SMR Associates LTR Linden Warren 10-06-2009
[[Loudoun County Project 25 Ashburn Loudoun 02-19-2011
[[Loudoun County Public Schools LTR Ashburn Loudoun 06-13-2007
[[Madison County Public Schools LTR Madison Madison 02-25-2007
[[Manassas / Manassas Park Motorola Manassas Multi County [2] 12-24-2010
[[Marine Corps Project 25 (335) Project 25 Fredericksburg Fredericksburg 05-08-2009
[[Massanutten Resort LTR Massanutten Rockingham 08-14-2009
[[Merck Motorola Elkton Rockingham 10-06-2010
[[Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Motorola DCA and IAD Airports Multi County [3] 07-20-2010
[[Mid Atlantic Communications LTR Stafford Stafford 05-28-2008
[[Mobex LTR New York Multi County [4] 09-18-2007
[[Naval Surface Warfare Center LTR Dahlgren King George 02-10-2009
[[Newport News Motorola Newport News Newport News 10-10-2010
[[Newport News Shipbuilding LTR Newport News Newport News 05-14-2008
[[Nextel (Newport News) Motorola Newport News Multi County [2] 11-28-2006
[[Norfolk Motorola Norfolk Norfolk 02-16-2011
[[Norfolk Naval Supply Motorola Norfolk Norfolk 10-21-2007
[[Overlay Regional InterOperability Network (ORION) Project 25 Virginia Beach Virginia Beach 11-26-2010
[[Petersburg Public Safety Project 25 Petersburg City Petersburg 10-12-2010
[[Piedmont Electronics LTR Charlottesville Charlottesville 12-14-2006
[[Portsmouth Motorola Portsmouth Portsmouth 10-10-2010
[[Prince William Communication (Fairfax) LTR Fairfax Fairfax 12-21-2009
[[Prince William Communication (Glendi) LTR Glendi Stafford 02-03-2011
[[Prince William Communication (Haymarket) LTR Haymarket Prince William 02-22-2009
[[Prince William Communication (Madison) LTR Madison Madison 11-02-2006
[[Prince William Communication (Orange) LTR Orange Orange 03-12-2009
[[Prince William Communication (Warrenton) LTR Warrenton Fauquier 03-12-2009
[[Prince William County Motorola Prince William Prince William 01-24-2011
[[Quantico Law Enforcement Training Motorola Quantico Prince William 03-11-2010
[[Radio Communications of Virginia (Midlothian) Motorola Midlothian Chesterfield 10-18-2009
[[Radio Communications of Virginia (Richmond) Motorola Richmond Richmond 10-27-2009
[[Rappahannock Electric Cooperative MPT-1327 Multiple Multi County [6] 10-19-2010
[[Richmond / Henrico / Chesterfield / Colonial Heights Motorola Richmond Multi County [4] 02-21-2011
[[Riverside Hospital LTR Newport News Newport News 03-22-2009
[[Riverside Regional Jail Motorola Hopewell Hopewell 08-31-2010
[[Roanoke City / Roanoke County Motorola Roanoke Multi County [2] 10-13-2010
[[Roanoke County (Project 25) Project 25 Roanoke Roanoke 12-26-2010
[[Spotsylvania County EDACS Spotsylvania Spotsylvania 10-05-2010
[[Stafford County Project 25 Stafford Stafford 02-03-2011
[[Suffolk Motorola Suffolk Suffolk 02-21-2011
[[Surry Nuclear Station Motorola Surry Surry 08-28-2009
[[Sussex Maximum Security Prison EDACS Sussex Sussex 11-09-2004
[[Tidewater Communications LTR Virginia Beach Virginia Beach 01-09-2009
[[U.S. Department of Defense Project 25 Various Multi County [9] 01-18-2011
[[U.S. Department of Defense: Project 25 Project 25 Various Multi County [15] 02-20-2011
[[U.S. Dept. of Justice: Integrated Wireless Network (IWN) Project 25 Various Multi County [18] 01-03-2011
[[Unidentified Federal Motorola A73B Motorola Washington Multi County [3] 01-24-2009
[[Unidentified Motorola 192F Motorola Manassas Prince William 03-24-2004
[[United Airlines (Dulles International Airport) Motorola Dulles Airport Loudoun 09-30-2008
[[USN Unknown Ship Motorola Norfolk Norfolk 03-26-2010
[[USN USS Kearsarge LHD 3 Motorola Boston Norfolk 05-06-2007
[[USS Cole (DDG 67) Motorola Norfolk Norfolk 12-07-2008
[[USS Iwo Jima (LHD 7) Motorola Norfolk Norfolk 06-29-2010
[[USS Unidentified Navy Flattop Ship Motorola Norfolk Norfolk 03-17-2010
[[Valley Two-Way (Gore) Motorola Gore Frederick 06-11-2010
[[Valley Two-Way (Linden LTR Linden Warren 02-19-2010
[[Virginia Beach Motorola Virginia Beach Virginia Beach 03-03-2011
[[Virginia International Terminals (Newport News and Portsmouth Marine Terminals) Motorola Newport News Multi County [2] 04-19-2008
[[Virginia International Terminals (Norfolk International Terminals) LTR Norfolk Norfolk 01-29-2006
[[Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) Project 25 Statewide Statewide 03-08-2011
[[Wallops Flight Facility EDACS Wallops Island Accomack 05-07-2009
[[Washington DC Area Federal SMR LTR Washington Multi County [2] 02-17-2008
[[Washington Gas Light Company Motorola Various Multi County [8] 10-13-2010
[[Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Motorola Various Multi County [10] 10-11-2010
[[Westgate Historic Williamsburg LTR Williamsburg Williamsburg 01-14-2011
[[Wintergreen Resort LTR Wintergreen Nelson 02-11-2007

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