UniTrunker (Retro)

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Unitrunker Screenshot monitoring a Motorola system


UniTrunker supports control channel monitoring for the following trunking types:

UniTrunker also supports downloading system information from the Web Service.

UniTrunker does not currently support LTR Passport or MultiNet.

UniTrunker cannot monitor or decode conventional P25 data or audio. However, a program called kNACk is included with the Unitrunker distribution. kNACk can be used to capture NAC codes on a P25 conventional system.

What Can UniTrunker Display?

  • Basic system information - system type, system id, talkgroups, and radio ids.
  • Basic site information - site or cell number, and list of channels.
  • Site call activity - who's talking, on what channel, and to whom.
  • Neighboring Site information - list adjacent cell or sites with control channels.
  • User roaming - what radios are registed to a particular site.
  • User affiliation - what talkgroup a user has requested.
  • Patches - a dispatcher initiated action that joins two or more talkgroups together.