Uniden DMA FAQ

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Welcome to the Uniden DMA FAQ; here we'll start from scratch, and take you through some of the most basic of questions, and (in many cases) what things mean and how to find information. A word of explanation; if a word or phrase appears in blue and/or underlined, then it's a link; clicking it should take you to another article in our wiki, another part of our website or perhaps a different website.

DMA Scanner Topics and Terms

  • How does Trunking work with these scanners?
  • How can I adjust for the distortion/underwater sounds I hear on the digital trunktrackers?
  • Where can I get more information on the XT series of scanners?

PCs and Software Topics

  • Id like to hook up my PC and program/monitor using software. What do I need to consider?
  • Are there any freeware programs with better functionality than the UASD?
  • I have no serial ports on my PC. How do I connect my PC to the scanner?
  • What do I need to do and have to record what I hear?
Firmware Upgrades
  • Where do I get the firmware updates for my scanner? How do I apply them?
    • All the firmware updates, with instructions, are now linked on the Uniden wiki manuals article
  • I've entered the firmware changes for rebanding. How do I apply the table changes in software?

The Manuals Are Too Confusing. Anyone have anything that's easier to read?

Uniden did a fine job designing these radios. Too bad one cannot say the same about their manuals. Fortunately, there is another resource - loosely referred to as the 'Easier to Read' series, they have been generally lauded as being much more readable and understandable. As of this writing, the following members are available;

Non-XT Scanners
XT scanners