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Here is the procedure for tweaking the AGC digital/analog settings. These functions are not available in version 1.xx.xx firmware.

Version 2.x.x Firmware

NOTE! You MUST have digital AGC set to ON for the digital tweak to work. To adjust the analog AGC, Turn the digital AGC OFF, Make sure analog AGC is ON, then follow the same steps below, but be sure to remember to turn digital AGC back ON when finished. All settings are saved, even when you cycle power, and the option is no longer available until you access it again. This procedure only works for the BCD396T and BCD996T.

  1. Power on the scanner while pressing the HOLD/RESUME button.
    • On the BCD396T you will hear two beeps to indicate that the AGC tweak menu is enabled. On the BCD996T the display will flash red and green to indicate that the AGC tweak menu is enabled.
  2. Wait for the "Intro screen" messages to complete. Proceed once scanning/searching starts.
  3. Press in (and hold) the function button for about 5 seconds until the F IS FLASHING IN THE UPPER LEFT OF THE DISPLAY. Quickly press the volume knob ONCE. Note if the F stops flashing before you press the Vol Control start this step over.
  4. The text "P25 RES TIME" appears in the bottom line of the display, with +0 next to it.
  5. Press in the Function knob again until you see either a solid or flashing F (either seems to work).
  6. Rotate the scroll knob to adjust the setting. 0 is the default setting. This setting controls how quickly AGC "steps" on digital channels.
  7. Once set to the desired level, press the scroll knob.
  8. Press the scroll knob again, and when you see the F (or flashing F), stop pressing and rotate the knob**. P25 REF GAIN now appears, also with a +0 to the right of it.
  9. Rotate the scroll knob to adjust the setting. 0 is the default setting. This setting controls the base / target volume level for AGC on digital channels.
  10. Once set to the desired levels, for both press the scroll knob and when the "F" appears press the volume control to exit the setting mode.
  11. The radio will remain in the AGC settings menu mode. You can start a new "tweaking session" by returning to step 3.
  12. Power the unit down to exit the AGC menu mode. Your new settings will remain locked in memory

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If the above step #8 doesn't work for switching from P25 RES TIME to P25 REF GAIN try this after you've adjusted your P25 RES TIME: (This information provided by emt_531 on the forum.)

  1. Press and HOLD DOWN the FUNC key
  2. Press down on the scroll dial TWICE
  3. (While continuing to hold in the FUNC button) Rotate the scroll dial until you see P25 REF GAIN
  4. Press down once on the scroll dial to select P25 REF GAIN.
  • Additional Note 2:

After playing with this excessively, I think the following information is true for step 8 Method A: If you press the function/scroll knob briefly you get the "F". If you then turn the knob until you hear the "beep" you will see the display change from P25 res time to P25 Res Gain and the "F" disappears. The next turn of the knob will adjust the value on the right side. You may continue to make value adjustments.

Method B: If you press and hold the function knob until the "F" flashes and rotate the knob once the display will change from P25 res time to P25 Res Gain. If you turn the knob again it will toggle back to "time". Each subsequent turn will flip between the two but will NOT adjust anything. Pick the setting you want to change and press the scroll knob briefly to turn <r. Flashing F off. Now you can adjust the selected setting as above.

And finally: There seems to be one other "oddity" here... After the first time you enter the AGC submenu the first time, a flashing or solid "F" seems to work fine for step 3. However, the first time you want to go there after turning the power on you must hold the function knob until the F flashes!

Version 3.x.x firmware and Non-XT Scanners

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XT Scanner Adjustments

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