Uniden Home Patrol FAQ

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Please document all issues that pertain to Home Patrol and their solutions here. If it's not in the owner's manual, please consider documenting it here. Be as specific as possible as to the steps taken - the devil is in the details. The more detail you provide, the better.

Updating the HomePatrol Database to the Latest Version

Cruise over to HomePatrol Sentinel Download and install the latest version of Sentinel on your PC. This software is key to getting the very latest information into your HomePatrol-1.

At that site, you’ll also find a printable full User’s Guide to supplement the Quick Reference Guide you got with your HomePatrol-1.

Now that you’ve installed Sentinel, connect your HomePatrol-1 to your PC, run Sentinel and do three things:

  • UPDATE --> Update Firmware – This will put the very latest operating system in your HomePatrol-1 so you will be sure to get the best performance.
  • UPDATE --> Update Master HPDB – This will put the very latest radio system database in Sentinel (the database is refreshed at least every Monday morning).
  • HomePatrol --> Write to HomePatrol – This will put the very latest radio system database in your HomePatrol-1.

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Loud Buzz

  • Symptom: Loud Buzz when connected to amplified speaker system
  • Resolution: Purchase a Ground Loop Isolator (RS No. 270-054) and install between radio and input to speaker system

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Slow Response to Commands on Touch Screen

  • Symptom: When the radio restarts you end up at the initial 6 page setup. The favorites and database would not respond
  • Resolution:
  1. Get a new 2 Gig SD card
  2. Use Windows to quick format it before putting it in the Home Patrol.
  3. Connect Home Patrol to computer, opened Sentinel.
  4. From the toolbar clicked on Homepatrol, clear user data, check the box for "Display all drives", highlight the drive and then click OK.

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