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|Initialize Memory (Documented)
|Initialize Memory (Documented)ERASES MEMORY

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Test modes (hidden key presses and functions) for Uniden scanners.

To enter a "Test Mode" (hidden easter eggs), hold the indicated key(s) while powering-on the scanner. In the column per scanner model, an X in the row corresponding to each, tested and verified to work. It is very likely almost all of the test modes verified for the BCD396T will also work on the some other of the various other Uniden models as well. Again, Try it and if it works, mark it as working here:

Don't forget to save your programming before you start. Page may be printed out for an ready-made list.

Test name Keys 264T 396t 996t BCT15 330T SC230 RH-96 396XT 996XT 325P2 996P2 436 536 HP-1 HP-2
Backlight Test 6+9+Scan X X
6+9+L/O X X X
Battery Save Tests 1+4+8 X X
1+5+8 X X
2+4+7 X X
2+4+8 X X
2+5+7 X X
EEPROM Dump 1+3+L/O X X
1+9+Hold X X X X X
1+9+L/O X
3+7+Hold X X X X
3+7+L/O X
7+9+Hold X
Firmware Version 2+5+9 X X X X X X
2+6+8 X X X X X
2+6+9 X X X X X
3+5+8 X X X X X
3+5+9 X X X X X X
3+6+8 X X X X X
Frequency Bands Test 0+3+Hold X X X X X X
Frequency Step Tests 1+5+9 X X X X X X
1+6+8 X X X X X
2+4+9 X X X X X
2+6+7 X X X X X
3+4+8 X X X X X
Initialize Memory (Documented)ERASES MEMORY 2+9+Hold X X X X
Initialize Memory 2+3+L/O X
2+9+L/O X
3+8+Hold X X
3+8+L/O X
8+9+Hold X
Key Touch Test 0+3+Scan X X X X X X
Key Touch Test (Freq. step on BCT15) 0+6+Hold X X X
LCD Pixels Test (Reverts to Key Touch Test) 0+1+9 X X X X X X X
0+3+7 X X X X X X X
2+9+.No X X X X X X
3+8+.No X X X X X X
Loads Test Frequencies in Memory (Freq. step on BCT15) 2+6+L/O X X X
Loads Test Frequencies in Memory 2+9+Scan X X X X
3+5+L/O X X X
3+8+Scan X X X
5+9+Hold X X
6+8+Hold X X
NWR-SAME Tests (NOTE: Very Loud! Use CAUTION!) 0+1+3 X X X X X
0+3+.No X X x X X
2+3+.No X X X X
On-Air Cloning Test 0+1+2 X X
0+1+Func X X
0+2+.No X X
1+2+.No X X
RS232C Loopback Test 0+1+Hold X X
RS232C Loopback Test (Use Supplied Cable for BC-RH96) 0+.No+Hold X X X
Scan Rate Test (NOTE: Will Erase ALL Stored Systems) 1+6+L/O X
1+9+Scan X X
3+4+L/O X X
4+9+Hold X
6+7+Hold X X
Systems Tests 1+2+9 X X X X
1+3+8 X X X
1+8+9 X X X
2+3+7 X X X
2+7+9 X X X
Tone-Out Test (NOTE: Will Over-Write your Tone-Outs) Hold+Scan+L/O X

If you verify that a test works for a scanner model, please "Edit" and "Update" this page at | Uniden scanner test modes.

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