Uniden scanner test modes

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Test modes for Uniden scanners.

To enter a test mode, hold the indicated keys while powering-on the scanner.

In the column for each scanner model, an X will be in the row corresponding to each test verified to work for that scanner model. If you verify that a test works for a scanner model, please update this page.

(It is very likely almost all of the test modes verified for the BCD396T will also work on the BCD996T/XT models as well.  Again, try it and if it works, mark it as working here.)

Test name Keys BC246T BCD396T BCD996T BCT15 BR330T SC230 BC-RH96
Backlight Test 6+9+Scan X X
6+9+L/O X X X
Battery Save Tests 1+4+8 X
1+5+8 X
2+4+7 X
2+4+8 X
2+5+7 X
EEPROM Dump 1+3+L/O X X
1+9+Hold X X X X X
1+9+L/O X
3+7+Hold X X X X
3+7+L/O X
7+9+Hold X
Firmware Version 2+5+9 X X X X X X
2+6+8 X X X X
2+6+9 X X X X
3+5+8 X X X X
3+5+9 X X X X X
3+6+8 X X X X
Frequency Bands Test 0+3+Hold X X X X X X
Frequency Step Tests 1+5+9 X X X X X
1+6+8 X X X X
2+4+9 X X X X
2+6+7 X X X X
3+4+8 X X X X
Initialize Memory (Documented) 2+9+Hold X X X X
Initialize Memory 2+3+L/O X
2+9+L/O X
3+8+Hold X X
3+8+L/O X
8+9+Hold X
Key Touch Test 0+3+Scan X X X X X X
Key Touch Test (Freq. step on BCT15) 0+6+Hold X X X
LCD Pixels Test (Reverts to Key Touch Test) 0+1+9 X X X X X X X
0+3+7 X X X X X X X
2+9+.No X X X X X
3+8+.No X X X X X
Loads Test Frequencies in Memory (Freq. step on BCT15) 2+6+L/O X X X
Loads Test Frequencies in Memory 2+9+Scan X X X
3+5+L/O X X X
3+8+Scan X X X
5+9+Hold X X
6+8+Hold X X
NWR-SAME Tests (NOTE: Very Loud! Use CAUTION!) 0+1+3 X X X X X
0+3+.No X X X X
2+3+.No X X X X
On-Air Cloning Test 0+1+2 X X
0+1+Func X X
0+2+.No X X
1+2+.No X X
RS232C Loopback Test 0+1+Hold X X
RS232C Loopback Test (Use Supplied Cable for BC-RH96) 0+.No+Hold X X X
Scan Rate Test (NOTE: Will Erase ALL Stored Systems) 1+6+L/O X
1+9+Scan X X
3+4+L/O X X
4+9+Hold X
6+7+Hold X X
Systems Tests 1+2+9 X X X X
1+3+8 X X X
1+8+9 X X X
2+3+7 X X X
2+7+9 X X X
Tone-Out Test (NOTE: Will Over-Write your Tone-Outs) Hold+Scan+L/O X

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