Union County (IL)

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Municipalities and Districts

Union County

Sheriff's Department Unit Numbers

  • UC- Union County SO
  • AP- Anna PD
  • AW- Animal Welfare? (Heard AW-3)
  • JP- Jonesboro PD
  • CP- Cobden PD (Heard CP-2)
  • 909- Dongola PD

Tri-County Detention Center (@ Ullin) - Holds prisoners for Pulaski, Alexander & Union Counties, along with US Marshal Service & US Immigration Services

Union County Ambulance

Receives its orders on where to take patients from Massac Memorial Hospital in Metropolis.


Roy Walker Communications

  • KNGP329 - Rendleman Orchards - 464.1 Repeater (Alto Pass)
  • Roy Walker Comm 152.3525 RM WQKW356 Unknown use (10 FX1) (Alto Pass) (input 157.6175)


  • Grant Farms 154.54 Repeater with 160.02 input (Anna) WPXV526


River to River Community on Anna (Assisted Living)

  • WQNH286 451.875 Repeater (Low Power 11K)
451.85000  WRN901   BM  Anna Quarries  
462.30000  WQHE453  RM  Anna Quarries  
154.54000  WPXV526  RM  Grant, Larry: Farming (Anna) [was 154.54 BM]  
461.62500  WNSN357  RM  J&O Communications [Expired 8/05]  
47.46000   KNDL908  BM Meller Vet  Meller James & Associates P C: Vet Ops  
153.66500  WPMM337  RM  Roy Walker Communications (Cobden-Union;input of
461.07500  WNZE731  RM SI Waste Sys  SI Waste Systems (Goreville)  
152.48000  KNHZ473  BM  Transcraft Corporation (Anna)  

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