United States Coast Guard

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The USCG are heavy users of the Marine VHF band; Channel 16 is reserved for distress, safety and calling, while channel 22A is utilized for special warnings, Marine Safety and other announcements. Other frequencies utilized vary from sector to sector.

Air Operations

New nationwide United States Coast Guard frequencies, as of January 1, 2005, are listed below. The frequencies were changed due to the mandate to vacate 380-400 MHz so that the spectrum could be used for military trunked radio systems.

345.0   Operations Primary       AM Mode
237.9   Operations Secondary     AM Mode
326.15  Air-to-Ground Primary    AM Mode
379.05  Air-to-Ground Secondary  AM Mode

HF Operations

Please see the Oct 2006 Milcom column edited by Larry Van Horn in MT

In addition, the USCG now uses the COTHEN ALE Network for communications

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