Updating the Firmware in Uniden DMA Scanners

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Please use this article to document issues, problems and resolutions regarding updating the firmware in the Uniden DMA scanners. In general 2 rules seem to apply;

  1. NEVER skip any steps in the process, regardless of how convoluted it seems
  2. ALWAYS use the AC adapter (best) or a freshly recharged set of batteries when applying the firmware. Low voltages can corrupt the process.
  3. Some USB converters seem to work poorly during this process for unknown reasons. At times it seems that it's best to perform this function with an older PC with a serial connection.

The database says my system has been rebanded. What do I need to do to trunk this system correctly?

  • If the system is a Motorola type;
    • If the system voice says APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive then reprogram using just the control channels. On most scanners, Control Channel Only mode is the default when working on these systems
    • If the system voice says anything else, look at all the frequencies. If the 4th decimal position is a '5' in every frequency, then you may be able to reprogram without firmware updates or a custom table. If any of the frequencies have a '0' then updating the scanner will be required to properly track this system
  • EDACS type systems will only need to be reprogrammed with the new rebanded frequencies. No firmware fixes are required to track these systems.

What are the most current firmware releases for the trunktracking radios?

Model Firmware Version
BC246T 2.06.00
BR330T 1.06.02
BCT15 1.06.00
BCD396T 3.xx.xx1
BCD996T 3.xx.xx1
BC346XT 1.05.002
BCD396XT 1.08.142
BCT15X 1.03.002
BCD996XT 1.04.002

  1. Rebanding support started with version 3 of the firmware; additional point releases refined it. It's recommended that you have the latest firmware available
  2. These scanners came with rebanding support already installed but there may have been additional tweaks in other firmware releases

Where do I get the firmware updates for my scanner? How do I apply them?

  • Click on the desired model number in the table above. Follow all instructions as given.

Im having a lot of trouble upgrading my firmware

Ive entered the firmware changes for rebanding. How do I apply the table changes in software?

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