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What are you looking *here* for? :-)

I've been one sort of technocrat or another since I was a wee lad (being part Irish, I'm allowed to say stupid stuff like "wee lad"), and I was first licensed as KA1FJX in 1980, passing my tech test in Tampa, in 1981. As so many people do, I let my ticket lapse, but I'm passing practice tests pretty consistently, and I'll be reupping at the FGCARC Hamfest in Bradenton in December.

I'm also an Internet guy, and (except for the last 5 months on unemployment) I've been making a pretty good living at that for 25 or 30 years, with some side trips into television production, TV networks, and newspaper layout and production.

My current pet projects are emergency communications and brevity codes, so you'll see me shooting my mouth off here and on the fora on topics like that...

I'm pretty easy to get along with, as long as *you* aren't a $#*!head... so if you have something to say to me, feel free. :-)