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All race communications between car, spotter and driver are analog in the clear.  In fact, since 2013 NASCAR has banned all digital radio usage by teams during races ([ source]).
The practice of car to car communication was banned in 2012 to prevent tandem drafting at the superspeedways.
'''Digital Radios:<br/>
Since 2008, NASCAR staff have been using digital  [[MOTOTRBO]] [[TDMA]] digital format radios, including channels (talkgroups) for race control and fire/medical ([ source]).
All reports indicate these MOTOTRBO channels are encrypted.  Radioreference listeners have reported the following in use at multiple NASCAR events ([ source]):
*464.8875 (CC=13) (encrypted) [reported in 2018]
*463.6250 had group 15735975 on slot 1 and 15642315 on slot 2 (CC=11) (encrypted) [reported in 2015 and 2016]
*463.2625 had group 10888888 on slot 1 (CC=15) (encrypted) [reported in 2015]
Two of the MOTOTRBO frequencies are patched to the old analog channels for fans and NASCAR teams to monitor.
*461.200 432 DPL - NASCAR Race Control*
*464.600 631 DPL - NASCAR Race Control*
<nowiki>*Confirmed May 2019 </nowiki>([ source])<br/>
For former analog NASCAR officials frequencies, see [ here].
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*NASCAR 1 & 11, Race Control 461.200
*NASCAR 2 & 12, Race Control B/U 464.600
*NASCAR 5 & 15, Safety 451.225
*NASCAR 10 Qualifying 451.575
*RACE CONTROL B/U 464.6000, 463.625(463.625-DMR, heard at Michigan June 2016)
*SAFTY/FIRE 451.2250
*NASCAR Weather 467.8500
*451.575  and 451.175 were reported as being used for scoring on this same wiki page in 2006, but it's unknown at this time if those frequencies are now unmonitorable.

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