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ClearTalk DMR updates 6/11/16 d=control channel. All other frequencies are confirmed DMR channels for that site

I don't know why there is a Bloomington site. The license lists the city as Bloomington but the site is actually in Normal on ISU's Watterson Towers, like the analog ClearTalk site is. 860.1875 is still the control channel for the analog ClearTalk system.

I don't have DSD to get site numbers or CC or LCNs but below is what I noted this weekend.

Normal 857.5375 858.5375 859.5375d 860.5375d


    • 857.0625

860.0625d 859.0625d 858.0625

pontiac 857.3375d

    • 858.3625d

ok argenta 860.0125d Washington 855.2625d LeRoy 858.8875d 856.8625d