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Scanner frequencies for NCAA Big Ten Football games

Major sporting events such as NCAA Big Ten football games drawn thousands of fans to town for each home game. These games provide great scanning opportunities as there is a wide variety of radio usage related to the games including stadium operations, parking, police, fire/ems, EOC, towing, shuttle buses, media, etc. This page serves to display the local trunked systems and frequencies where these game related operations occur on one single page.

This page is by no means complete and local listeners are encouraged to add or correct any of the information presented here.  
The University of Illinois information is complete but the rest is simply what could be ascertained by viewing the
forums, the   database, and other scanning websites.  Some information is just a suggested list of scanner
targets until more accurate radio usage can be determined. 


Memorial Stadium (link)

  • MDICE TRS TG 22503 "INCIDENT 4" METCAD Police Detail (which is simulcast on 453.250 on game days)
  • 453.250 118.8 METCAD Ch 5 PD Events Detail (UIPD, Champaign PD, County Shf)
  • Starcom21 TRS TG 13020 "D10 DETAIL A" Illinois State Police Detail
  • 453.600 85.4 Football game parking/Golf Cart Shuttles (ch10)
  • 464.650 DCS047 Memorial Stadium Fireworks
  • 464.600 DCS532 Memorial Stadium Audio Techs
  • 464.625 DCS031 Memorial Stadium press-box to band leader (ch6)
  • 451.350 DCS071 Memorial Stadium Maintenance (ch1)
  • 451.450 DCS131 Illini Emergency Medical Services
  • 452.225 DCS115 Memorial Stadium Concessions (ch3)
  • 452.625 DCS043 Athletics Dept Guest Services (ch2)
  • 158.865 CSQ Illini Emergency Medical Service "talkabout" (Illini EMS carries both VHF and UHF radios)
  • 462.975 179.9 Arrow Ambulance Dispatch
  • 462.950 186.2 Pro Ambulance Dispatch
  • 154.265 CSQ Champaign-Urbana FD at the game
  • 155.340 210.7 MERCI (ambulance to hospital)
  • 155.340 186.2 MERCI (ambulance to hospital)

For additional information about scanning U of I football games, see this forum thread
-For public safety at Memorial Stadium, CPD, UIPD, and the County Sheriff police agencies use the 453.250 (118.8)/MDICE TRS TG 22503 while ISP D10 troopers use Starcom21 TG 13020. Fire operations are on 154.265 simplex (the FD units monitor 154.070 (131.8) with a pager though). EMS operations are either by Arrow Ambulance on 462.975 (179.9) or Pro Ambulance 462.950 (186.2). Illini EMS uses 451.450 (DCS 131) and occasionally 158.865 (CSQ).

Here are some helpful maps to view while monitoring U of I football games:

Indiana forum thread about Scanning during Indiana University football games

  • A local scanner listener reports that radio usage will likely change next year as SAFE-T usage will be more prevalent amongst public safety agencies covering the game, so follow the forums after the first home games in 2008 for the latest details.


Police use TG 1968 on the Iowa City Motorola TRS which is cross-linked to 154.920 (source: Scaniowa Yahoo!Group). The old University of Iowa police channel 453.975 may or may not still be used on game days. The University of Iowa is licensed for many 453 MHz frequencies so a quick search through them may find some game related activity.


University of Michigan Stadium LTR TRS

University of Michigan System 800 MHz Motorola washtenaw county system mpscs

University of Michigan Athletics

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
452.42500  457.42500   WPMG321   RM  023 DPL  UM CPU Techs Computer Techs  FMN  Schools 
464.55000  469.55000   WPWG744   RM  156.7 PL  UM StudentUnion Student Union  FMN  Schools 
464.55000  469.55000   WPWG744   RM  162.2 PL  UM League League  FMN  Schools 
452.03750      WPZR904     UM Productions 3 University Productions  FMN  Schools 
451.31250      WPZR904     UM Productions 1 University Productions  FMN  Schools 
464.32500      WPZR904     UM Productions 4 University Productions  FMN  Schools 
451.41250      WPZR904     UM Productions 2 University Productions  FMN  Schools 
464.82500      WPZR904     UM Productions 5 University Productions  FMN  Schools 
452.38750      WQJF386     UM Theatre 2 Theater Arts Complex  FMN  Schools 
452.43750      WQJF386     UM Theatre 3 Theater Arts Complex  FMN  Schools 
461.88750      WQJF386     UM Theatre 4 Theater Arts Complex  FMN  Schools 
463.53750      WQJF386     UM Theatre 5 Theater Arts Complex  FMN  Schools 
463.58750      WQJF386     UM Theatre 6 Theater Arts Complex  FMN  Schools 
461.63750  466.63750   WQJF386   RM    UM Theatre 1 Theater Arts Complex  FMN  Schools 
461.46250  466.46250   WPWG744   RM    UM StudentSrvcs Operations  FMN  Schools 
464.03750      WQXR890     UM Alumni 1 Alumni Association 1  FMN  Schools 
469.03750      WQXR890     UM Alumni 3 Alumni Association 3  DMR  Schools 
464.11250      WQXR890     UM Alumni 2 Alumni Association 2  FMN  Schools 
469.11250      WQXR890     UM Alumni 4 Alumni Association 4  FMN  Schools 
469.13750      WQXR890     UM Alumni 5 Alumni Association 5  DMR  Schools 
451.38750      WRAC544     Musical Society Musical Society  DMR  Schools 
451.43750      WRAC544     Musical Society Musical Society  DMR  Schools 
451.61250      WRAC544     Musical Society Musical Society  DMR  Schools 
452.66250      WRAC544     Musical Society Musical Society  DMR  Schools 
456.61250      WRAC544     Musical Society Musical Society  DMR  Schools 
464.03750      WREM675     UM Library 1 Library 1  DMR  Schools 
464.13750      WREM675     UM Library 2 Library 2  DMR  Schools 
464.26250      WREM675     UM Library 3 Library 3  DMR  Schools 
469.03750      WREM675     UM Library 4 Library 4  DMR  Schools 
469.13750      WREM675     UM Library 5 Library 5  DMR  Schools 

  • 460.45000 (203.5) Special Events

Michigan State

Ingham County UHF EDACS TRS

Athletics Department: '"`UNIQ--freqsubcat-00000001-QINU`"'

It wouldn't hurt to monitor the Michigan State University 800 MHz Motorola Type II TRS. Special event parking is listed in the Radioreference database as being on 462.600 (162.2), {which interestingly is a GRMS frequency}.


Metrodome frequencies link


  • 153.740 MO
  • 153.800 MO
  • 153.965 MO
  • 155.025 FB2
  • 155.715 FB2
  • 155.865 FB2
  • 458.600 MO


Northwestern University 900 MHz Motorola TRS

001 (1) Simulcast936.425000 936.437500c 936.500000 938.387500 938.400000c 938.412500c

Ryan Field talkgroups:

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
112  007  Cons/Ticket   Concessions & Ticket Booths F2 [PD F-2] 
176  00b  Sec/Park F4  Security & Campus Parking - Alternate [PD F-4] 

Northwestern University PD is listed as using TG 144 for primary dispatch. Other talkgroups related to the games include TG 400 and TG 336.

Ohio State

The Ohio State University 800 MHz Motorola Type II TRS

Talkgroups reported used 11/18/06 versus Michigan (source):

  • All Fire stuff is on Emergency Fireground
     16 Emergency F/G will be the channels for the CFD Special Engines
  • All Campus stuff seems to be on PD Events 3 (TG 10384)
  • All OSU Stadium stuff is on the OSU systems OSU CFD-1 Sorry, I should have been more specific - 4 pct only operates on 4E during home football nights and other special occasions (e.g. Heritage Fest).

One post mentioned hearing 460.5625/465.5625 being used in 2003 or 2004.

Look for the Ohio State Patrol and possibly other users on the State of Ohio MARCS Statewide Motorola TRS

At away games, WBNS 1460 AM's broadcast of the game can be heard on 450.550 MHz (156.7) {noted 11/4/06 in Champaign, IL}

Penn State

Pennsylvania State University 800 MHz Motorola Type II TRS


Different threads have mentioned there being P25 I-CALLs on the Tippecanoe County Public Safety 800 MHz Motorola TRS usage during games.


Madison Area Public Safety 800 MHz Motorola Type II TRS

001 (1) Simulcast854.112500 856.062500 858.737500c 858.962500c

University of Wisconsin-Madison talkgroups: