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'''Howdy Folks!!'''
'''Some Fun-Facts about me:'''
*My name is Matt;
*I'm based out of Oviedo, [[Florida (US)]]
*I can be found doing one of two things when I'm not monitoring the airwaves; I'm either flying or photographing in the great outdoors!.<br/>
'''Now the IMPORTANT Information:'''
*I have strict standards for how I implement information into the Wiki pages for [[Seminole County (FL)]].
*When a new, unidentified radio ID (or talkgroup) is found I will color code it and time stamp it before inducting it into a massive Excel file which I define as a "live document".
*The unidentified information holds seven days before I will validate it (by seeing/hearing it again). After being validated I implement the information into my monitor device for further evaluation
*Once I compile fifty entries of new data I update the RR Wiki.
'''''This painfully slow process ensures no foul information is given to the community'''''
<div style="margin: 0; margin-right:10px; border: 4px solid #00FAEF; padding: 0 1em 1em 1em; background-color:white; align:right;">
If you have '''any questions''' regarding the following pages then please send me a ''private message'', I'm not going to know everything but I do know a lot.
'''[[Seminole County (FL) ]]'''
-[[Seminole County (FL) Information]]
-[[Seminole County (FL) 10-Codes]]
-[[Seminole County]]
-[[Seminole County Radio IDs]]
-[[Seminole County Zone Layout]]
'''[[Orange County (FL) ]]'''
-[[Orange County Public Services P25]]
-[[Orange County Public Services P25 Information]]
-[[Orange County Public Services P25 10-Codes]]
-[[Orange County Public Services P25 Radio IDs]]
-[[Orange County Public Services P25 Zone Layout]]
'''[[Seminole Radio Service]]'''
-[[Seminole Radio Service Information]]
-[[Seminole Radio Service Radio ID's]]
-[[Seminole Radio Service Zone Layout]]
'''[[Altamonte Springs Public Works System]]'''
-[[Altamonte Springs Public Works Unknown Talkgroups]]
'''[[University of Central Florida (Capacity Plus)]]'''
-[[University of Central Florida Unknown Talkgroups]]
'''Djlolli Project Pages'''
-[[User:Djlolli/Project Page 1]]
-[[User:Djlolli/Test Page 1]]

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