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*[[Determining Motorola Type I Fleetmaps]] -
*[[Determining Motorola Type I Fleetmaps]] -
'''Digital Mode Samples'''
=== Freqs ===
=== Freqs ===

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She claims I never listen to her. The problem is she always talks at the same time the scanner does.
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Located in NE Iowa. I was co-owner of an electronic retail company in the late 70's and early 80's. We mainly sold CB radios and scanners. (Ahhh....the good old days of 27 MHz CB's and 1000 watt linears) I got hooked and have kept an interest in scanners since.

When Black Hawk County, Iowa switched systems. I had to learn to program EDACS into my Radio Shack Pro-94A. Anyone who has a Pro-94A knows how much fun that is. Upgraded to the Radio Shack Pro-97, bought the computer cable and Win97 because I was having to much fun programming the freqs manually.

You can read about my experience buying the Pro-97 by right clicking anywhere in this sentence.

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Digital Mode Samples


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Need Iowa Speedway (Newton)

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