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Welcome to the Programming Files article. A very common question, particularly for newcomers, is 'where can I get files for....?' Apart from the RR forums or the scanner-specific Yahoo groups (we have very detailed articles on most scanners and trunktrackers that includes this information), many people have websites where files can be found. In addition, there are some Yahoo groups that also have this information in their files area.
If a file has a .zip extension, it is compressed. Before it can be used, you must uncompress using a utility like WinZip.
The best use of these files is as a template. Frequency information can be out of date; becoming a [[Subscription|paid subscriber]] will allow you to download information directly into some software packages from the RR database. Please see the linked article above for more information.
Additional links are encouraged. Please follow the format as shown and keep it in alphabetic order to allow folks to find things more easily. Yahoo groups for specific scanners should not be added here, as they already exist elsewhere on this wiki.<br>
==Software Index==
* '''ARCxxx''' = software from [ BuTel]
* '''Control Freq Jr.''' = see the [ Freq of Nature] website
* '''Win9x''' = software from [ Starrsoft]
* '''UASD''' = Uniden Advanced System Director - available from the Uniden downloads area.
==National or Multiple Regions Files==
; BC246 UASD 
* []
* [ FreqHopping's Live Scanner Feed]
==Region Specific Files==
Delaware, Maryland, Virginia
; ARC250
* [ Capitol Hill Monitors ARC250 page]
; Win96
* [ Capitol Hill Monitors .p96 page]
===New England===
; ARC246 and/or ARC396 
* [ Scan Cape Cod Downloads]
* [ Scan Cape Cod Downloads]
; Win92
* [ Scan Cape Cod Downloads]
; Win95
* [ Scan Cape Cod Downloads]
; Win96
* [ Scan Cape Cod Downloads]
; Win97
* [ Scan Cape Cod Downloads]
==State Specific Files==
; Control Freq Jr.
* [ Freq of Nature Excel Files]
==Yahoo Groups==
'''NOTE:''' You generally have to join the group to get access to the files area.<br>
; BuTel Support
* [ ARC246]
* [ ARC250]
* [ ARC780]
* [ ARC396] (ARC396, ARC330, ARC15 and ARC996 are covered here)
; Other Software Packages
* [ CARMA Chicago]
* [ p95] Files for Win95
* [ p97] Files for Win97
* [ spgtrunk] Files for Win92
* [ Scancat]
* [ Scan Control]
* [ Win96]

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