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All Cullman County public safety agencies now use P25 conventional dispatch channels.
Most agencies use seven-digit radio IDs. The first three digits denote the agency, and are usually the agency's dispatch channel NAC.
==Cullman Counyy==
===Cullman County Sheriff's Office===
====Unit Numbers====
Cullman County Sheriff's Office unit numbers begin with '25' (the license plate county code for Cullman County), though the '25' prefix is usually omitted. Disoatch is identified as "25".
*25A - Sheriff
*25B - Chief Deputy
*25C - Coroner
*25xx - patrol deputies
*25Dx - Detention Center units
*25Ix - Investigators
====Radio IDs====
*21804xx - dispatch ("25")
*21805xx-21806xx - vehicle radios
*21815xx-21816xx - handheld radios
===Cullman Counyy Emergency Management Agency===
====Unit IDs====
*EMA 1 - Director
*EMA 2 - Deputy Director
====Radio IDs====
*22201xx - vehicle radios
*22203xx - handheld radios
===Cullman EMS===
====Radio IDs====
Cullman EMS radio IDs are six digits and begin with '420'.
*420000 - dispatch
==Cullman (City)==
===Cullman Police Department===
====Unit IDs====
Cullman Police Department unit IDs are three digits. The last two digits are the two-digit year of hire; the first digit is the order of hire in that year.
====Radio IDs====
*21900xx-21903xx - vehicle radios
*21904xx - dispatch
*21980xx - school resource officers
*2199xxx - handheld radios; The last three digits are the user's unit nuber.
===Cullman Fire & Rescue===
====Station Locations====
*'''Station 1''' - 204 2nd Ave. NE
*'''Station 2''' - 1711 Main Ave. SW
*'''Station 3''' - 1929 Butler St. NW
====Unit IDs====
Cullman Fire & Rescue units amd equipment have three-digit IDs that begin with '5'.
====Radio IDs====
*50005xx - handheld radios; The last three digits are the user's unit number.
*5000501 - Ladder 1
*5000511 - Engine 11
*5000512 - HAZMAT 512
*5000515 - Engine 15
*5000517 - Engine 17
*5000518 - Engine 18
*5000519 - Engine 19
===Cullman Public Works===
====Radio IDs====
*5010xxx - Building Inspection Department
*5020xxx - Street Department
*5021xxx - Sanitation Department
*5022xxx - Water Department
===Hanceville Police Department===
====Unit IDs====
Hanceville Police Department unit IDs are three digits and begin with '2'.
====Radio IDs====
*22001xx - vehicle radios
*22002xx - handheld radios; The last three digits are the user's unit nuber.
*22004xx - dispatch
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