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Welcome to the Cullman County (AL) collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.

Cullman (City)

Cullman Police Department Unit and Radio IDs

Unit numbers are designated based on officers' hire date and order. The last two digits of the unit number correspond to the year of hire. The digit or digits preceding the year correspond to the order of hire in yhat year. For example, unit789 would have been the seventh officer hired in 1989.

Radio IDs are seven dugits and begin with 219 (The first three digits correspond to the dispatch repeater P25 NAC).In general,

  • 21900xx - 21901xx are assigned to police vehiclt e radios.
  • 2190400 - Dispatch
  • 2199xxx are assigned to handgeld radios, where the last three digits of the radio Aid Are the user's unit number.

Cullman Fire & Rescue Station Locations

  • Station 1 - 204 2nd Ave. NE
  • Station 2 - 1711 Main Ave. SW
  • Station 3 - 1929 Butler St. NW