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Last time updated March 1st,2016
Last time updated March 1st,2016
==Digital Trunking Systems In Boone County==
===WirelessUSA Columbia Tower Frequencies===
*(Works very well throughout Columbia)
000  001 (1)  Columbia, MO  Boone  935.46250  936.41250  936.91250  937.41250
                                    937.91250  938.41250  938.91250  939.41250
                                    939.42500  '''{{Color|Red|939.95000c}}'''
===WirelessUSA Talkgroups===
DEC  HEX  Mode  Alpha Tag    Description                          Tag 
64  004  A    prop mgt 64  property management (apts/ duplexes)  Business
208  00d  A    towing 208    towing                                Business
464  01d  A    Towing 464    towing company (Columbia)            Business
608  026  A    taxi 608 Col  taxi cabs (base/mobile)              Transportation
*Located @ I-70 & Rangeline where that tower is with the blue building
*This has very good reception throughout Columbia the COMO Police and Boone County Fire & Boone County Sheriffs all have analog on this tower as well)
Site    Name    Freqs
001 (1)  Site-1  856.13750  857.13750  858.13750  859.13750  '''{{Color|Red|860.13750c}}'''
All Talkgroups
DEC    HEX  Mode  Alpha Tag    Description                    Tag
1232  04d  A    I-70 Towing  I-70 Towing                    Business
2784  0ae  A    JoeMach Ford  Joe Mach Ford: Parts Delivery  Business
3344  0d1  A    AJ's Towing  AJ's Towing                    Business
33344  824  A    ORAP 33344    O'Reillys Auto Parts          Business
33360  825  A    ORAP 33360    O'Reillys Auto Parts          Business
Transportation Talkgroups
DEC    HEX  Mode  Alpha Tag    Description                    Tag 
3216  0c9  A    taxi 3216    cab service                    Transportation
3408  0d5  A    taxi 3408    cab service                    Transportation
33376  826  A    Economy Cab  Economy Cab                    Transportation

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InfoBox project related:


Boone County (MO)

Joint Communications

  • Boone County is in the process of building there brand new Joint Communications center on the same property that the Sheriff's dept. is and they have still not said what type of radio technology they are going to be using and installing. The Boone County Joint Communications center will be building a brand new tower out at Battle High School and on this tower they will be dispatching from and other towers they will dispatch from and they will add a building at Battle High School to protect all the technology at Battle High School that is running the tower. I will attach some of the information below that has been said about the building so far-

Last time updated March 1st,2016


Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.62500  158.92500   WPCB742   RM    Oreg Sheriff Sheriff: Dispatch  FMN  Law Dispatch 
155.88000  155.11500   WNUE203   RM  CSQ  Oreg Highway Highway Commision  FMN  Public Works 
  • TG 24803 - Centralia on MOSWIN; a low activity talkgroup.


Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.19000  154.01000   KDJ485   RM  94.8 PL  ColumbiaFire Fire: Dispatch [Ch 1]  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.75500      WXP405   BM  94.8 PL  Col Police 2 Police: Traffic Stops [Ch 2]  FMN  Law Tac 
158.82000  153.75500   KDB530   RM  94.8 PL  Col Transit Transit System: Buses  FMN  Transportation 
156.15000      KAB278   94.8 PL  Col Police 3 Police: Car-to-Car / Detectives [Ch 3]  FMN  Law Tac 
453.42500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-1 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
453.92500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-2 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
460.52500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-4 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
460.12500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-3 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
155.62500      WPCP681   BM    Col Airport Airport  FMN  Public Works 
159.09000  153.93500   WPJM695   RM  186.2 PL  Col Courthse Court Marshals [Ch 5] (Low Power Repeater)  FMN  Corrections 
453.87500  458.87500   WNUX994   RM    Col PL Watr1 Power and Light - Water (Store Room)  FMN  Public Works 
153.81500      WPOY898     Col PL Watr2 Power and Light - Water Dept  FMN  Public Works 
155.74500  156.06000   WNBF553   RM  94.8 PL  Col JCIC2 F6 Police: Interoperability (JCIC 2) [Ch 6]  FMN  Law Talk 

Missouri State Agencies

Finger Lakes State Park

Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.31000  KAD775   BM  FingerLakeSP DNR: Finger Lakes Base  FMN  Law Tac 
  • Located just north of Columbia on Highway 63.
  • Website


continue here


1143001  Centralia Police Department 672
1143005  Centralia Police Department 673
1143000  Centralia Police Department 752
1143003  Centralia Police Department 765
1143014  Centralia Police Department 768
1143039  Centralia Police Department Dispatch 1
1143040  Centralia Police Department Dispatch 2	
1048000  University of Missouri S&T Police?

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