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|[[Collaboration Categories Page 2#Miscellaneous|Miscellaneous]]
|[[Collaboration Categories Page 2#Miscellaneous|Miscellaneous]]
|Additional topics like Education, Encryption, Marine, Media, and Weather, etc.
|Additional topics like Education, Encryption, Marine, Media, and Weather, etc.
|[[Collaboration Categories Page 2#Miscellaneous|Recreation or Attractions]]
|Commercial attractions (like amusement parks) and natural recreation (like national parks)
|[[Collaboration Categories Page 2#Scanner_Information|Scanner Info]]
|[[Collaboration Categories Page 2#Scanner_Information|Scanner Info]]

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  • Please click the name of the region you wish to view from the map below

Welcome to the Collaboration Categories page. In the following tables and pages, articles are grouped by a common thread ('theme') rather than by state. Each of the resulting pages contain numerous categories that pertain to that theme. Just click on the theme title you wish to view, then use the table of contents on the resulting page(s) to get to the categories under that theme.

You will notice that a particular category can be repeated in more than one theme.

If you write a new article, and it's geographically related, please examine this table (and the contents on the following pages) to see if that article can fit in one of the listed categories. An article can (and should) belong to more than one category. The more categories it logically belongs to, the easier it is to find it, where folks can then read and maybe change it.

If you wish to define a new category or theme, please coordinate this with the wiki administrators before proceeding.

Theme Description
Amateur Radio Frequencies and repeaters for the amateur service
Aviation Anything aviation related, civil or military, including airports and air shows
Businesses General businesses, including communications providers (not common carriers)
Emergency Services Police, Fire, Rescue, and Medical, Brevity Codes, and Station IDs
Events Air shows, major events, special events, sports events
Ground Transportation Buses of all types, taxis, shipping companies, railroads, etc.
Miscellaneous Additional topics like Education, Encryption, Marine, Media, and Weather, etc.
Recreation or Attractions Commercial attractions (like amusement parks) and natural recreation (like national parks)
Scanner Info RID/UIDs, Fire Tone Outs (FTOs), Travel Scanning, etc.
Trunking RID/UIDs and info on trunk systems not ready for the database
Utilities Public works (power/water/sewer), and common carriers (phone, radio, TV).
US Federal Government Covers Federal (not military) agencies such as the Forest Service
US Military US Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard