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|StateDB=[ {{color|white| Hartford County DB]}}
|StateDB=[ {{color|white| Hartford County DB]}}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Connecticut Forum}}] }}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Connecticut Forum}}] }}
=Litchfield County Dispatch (LCD)=
Change of crews
Dispatchers work 12 hour shifts from 6 am to 6pm and from 6pm to 6am. Overtime to a regular work shift is 18 hours unless working on an off day. There are 16 dispatchers with 4 working per shift. There are two assigned to Torrington PD and two assigned to LCD Fire. One on each end acts as a calltaker. it follows this format for a two week schedule.
                Monday and Tuesday (22,23,29,30)    (27,39,43,44)
                Wednesday and Thursday (32,40,42,48)    (34,41,45,46) 41 in training by 34
                Friday, Saturday, Sunday (22,23,29,30)  (27,39,43,44)
                Monday and Tuesday (32,40,42,48)    (34,41,45,46) 41 in training by 34
                Wednesday and Thursday (22,23,29,30)  (27,39,43,44)
                Friday, Saturday, Sunday (32,40,42,48)  (34,41,45,46) 41 in training by 34
New EFD Protocol 77 is now used for all motor vehicle accidents. Here is the list.
  77O1 - Vehicle blocking traffic
  77O2 - No injuries and no hazard
  77A1 - Low Mechanism
  77A2 - No injuries with hazard
  77B1 - Injuries
  77B2 - Unknown Situation
  77C1 - Hazards with injuries
  77C2 - Fuel/Fluid leak
  77D1 - High Occupancy Vehicle
  77D2 - High Mechanism
  77D3 - Multiple Vehicle pile-up
  77D4 - Pinned / Trapped Victim
  77D5 - Ejection
  77D6 - Vehicle vs pedestrian/bike
  77D7 - Vehicle vs. Building
  77D8 - Unstable vehicle
  77D9 - Commercial Vehicle
All departments add their ambulance to the dispatch for all structure fires.
The following departments add their ambulance for CO Alarms and potential hazard calls (ex. gas leak, car fire, outside fire, chimney fires)
            Bridgewater Fire
            Cornwall Fire
            Goshen Fire
            Harwinton Fire
            Lakeville Fire
            Norfolk Fire
            Sharon Fire
            Sherman Fire
            Falls Village Fire
Northfield fire calls between 0600 and 1800 7 days a week adds East Litchfield Fire with the exception of service calls.
East Litchfield fire calls between 0600 and 1800 7 days a week adds Northfield Fire with the exception of service calls.
Litchfield fire calls between 0600 and 1800 7 days a week adds Bantam Fire with the exception of service calls.
Bantam fire calls between 0600 and 1800 7 days a week adds Litchfield Fire with the exception of service calls.
Nepaug non fire calls (CO, MVA, calls formerly known as signal 23) between 0600 and 1800 mon-fri adds New Hartford Fire except service calls.
Nepaug fire calls between 0600 and 1800 mon-fri adds New Hartford Fire and Pine Meadow Fire except service calls. Nepaug structure fires 24/7 add New Hartford and Pine Meadow automatically as well as New Hartford Ambulance
New Hartford fire calls between 0600 and 1800 mon-fri adds Nepaug Fire with the assignment except service calls.
New Hartford rescue calls mon-fri 0600-1800 adds Nepaug and Pleasant Valley fire
Pleasant Valley adds Barkhamsted East Fire and Riverton Fire for all calls 7 days a week from 0600-1800. All calls between 1800-0600 are a single company response including fire alarms and chimney fires with the exception of high life hazard buildings. Active structure calls 24/7 adds Barkhamsted East, Riverton, Colebrook and West Hartland. From 0600-1800 Mon-Fri, the Barkhamsted Townwide tone gets used no matter who gets dispatched.
Barkhamsted East fire calls between 0600-1800 mon-fri adds Pleasant Valley Fire and East Hartland Fire except service calls. Pleasant Valley Fire responds 24/7 for rescue calls.
Riverton fire calls between 0600-1800 mon-fri adds Pleasant Valley Fire, Barkhamsted East Fire, Colebrook Fire, West Hartland Fire except service calls.
Colebrook fire calls between 0600-1800 mon-fri adds Riverton Fire, Pleasant Valley Fire, West Hartland Fire except motor vehicle accidents and service calls. Colebrook 1st responders are dispatched on all fire calls.
West Hartland fire calls 24/7 adds East Hartland Fire except service calls. Colebrook, Riverton and Pleasant Valley are added Mon-Fri between 0600-1800 for active structure calls.
East Hartland fire calls 24/7 adds West Hartland Fire except service calls. Barkhamsted East Fire is added mon-fri 0600-1800.
Falls Village Ambulance is dispatched to all Falls Village fire calls.
Warren Ambulance is dispatched to all Warren fire calls.
Bantam Ambulance is dispatched to all Bantam fire calls.
All Litchfield Ambulance calls in Northfield's district adds Northfield 1st responders.
All structure fires in Litchfield have the Torrington RIT team dispatched.
All structure fires in Norfolk and North Canaan have the Norfolk RIT team dispatched.
North Canaan Medic gets dispatched to all ambulance calls in North Canaan no matter the response level.
When any ambulance is out of service or is on a 1st call where there isn't another unit in that agency's fleet, ambulance first responders get toned out along with mutual aid ambulance.
When Sharon Ambulance is unavailable, ambulance 1st responders along with Sharon Fire Rescue 1 responds.
When Norfolk Ambulance is unavailable, ambulance 1st responders along with Norfolk Fire Utility 50 responds.
All fire and medical calls on the Route 7 corridor in Sharon are handled by Cornwall.
Northern Dutchess Medics are backup paramedic providers for Kent, Warren and North Canaan.
All LCD channels are simplex. LCD broadcast and receives from 16 transmitter sites located throughout the county interconnected by the State Police microwave system. Because of this you can hear the dispatchers clearly throughout the county, but can rarely hear units more than a town or 2 away.
As of 2010 LCD no longer uses radio codes and is strictly "plain English".
===Dispatch 1===
*Quick Call 2 Tone Activations.
*DTMF Knox Box Activations.
*Unit responding to station or scene.
*First unit on scene.
*Apparatus on the air.
*Apparatus responding.
*Apparatus on scene.
===Command 2===
Not currently in use. Intended to be a repeater version of Command 3.
===Command 3===
*Ambulance enroute to hospital.
*Ambulance at hospital.
*Clear of incident.
*Incident closed.
*Other messages to LCD.
===Scene 4-12===
Scene 4 - Barkhamsted, Kent, Lakeville
Scene 5 - New Hartford, North Canaan
Scene 6 - Falls Village, Harwinton
Scene 7 - Litchfield, Norfolk
Scene 8 - Colebrook, Warren
Scene 9 - Hartland, Washington
Scene 10- Cornwall, Sherman
Scene 11- Goshen, Morris
Scene 12- Bridgewater, Sharon
===Traffic 13===
Fire Police
===Airtac 14===
Helicopter (Life Star) coordination
===Interops 15===
Interagency Channel
LCD Staff Members
===Intra County===
Used only during emergencies when Dispatch 1 is not working.
Med 2 - Sharon Hospital
Med 3 - Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
Med 4 - New Milford Hospital
Med 5 - St. Mary's Hospital
Med 6 - Waterbury Hospital
Med 7 - Winsted Health Center
Med 9 - Northwest C-Med Dispatch
Med 10 - Danbury Hospital
*Ambulances communicating with hospital  (incoming patients and medical control)
*Ambulances communicating with Medic for line of sight intercepts
=County Agencies=
=County Agencies=

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From: Litchfield County (CT)

Hartford County DB MediaWiki Quickref PDF Card Connecticut Forum

Welcome to the Litchfield County, Connecticut collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.

County Agencies


Current Apparatus

  • Truck 1 - 2014 Rosenbauer 109'
  • Tac 9 - 2005 Freightliner / Pierce Contender (Prime Mover)

Source of Information and Pictures: City of Torrington, CT - APPARATUS

Burrville Fire

            Squad 45
            Brush 46
            Engine 47
            Fire Police 48

Torringford Fire

             Rescue 16
             Engine 17
             Car 25 (Fire Police)

Drakeville Fire

             Engine 35
             Brush 36
             Tanker 38

Emergency Services

The City of Torrington is assisted by Campion Ambulance services and Torrington Police Department, along with three (3) volunteer fire departments, which are: Torringford Volunteer Fire Department, Burrville Volunteer Fire Department and Drakeville Volunteer Fire Department.

Campion is dispatched out of Waterbury by CDC (Campion Dispatching Center.)


Dispatched on 33.880 by Northwest CT Public Safety

Dispatch is RE Central

FD is RE Base

  • Engine 1 - Hose Reel Truck
  • Engine 2 - Ford Brush Truck
  • Engine 3 - Boardman Pumper
  • Engine 4 - Seagrave Pumper
  • Engine 5 - Seagrave Pumper w/ CAFS
  • Rescue 6 - Ford E450 Rescue
  • Emergency 7 - Ford Expedition Fly Car
  • Bethlehem 10-2 - Ambulance

Police dispatched by CSP Troop L

Apparatus uses on board repeaters to cross their VHF portables with the low band radio in the truck to talk to central

KCE526 RE Bethlehem


Bridgewater Police

Dispatched by CSP.

  • Bridgewater has a Resident State Trooper and at least 1 town officer.
  • Bridgewater Engine 11 (second due pumper to all calls)
  • Bridgewater Engine 12 (first due pumper to all calls)
  • Bridgewater Tanker 5 (first due tanker)
  • Bridgewater Tanker 10 (second due tanker)
  • Bridgewater Brush 1
  • Bridgewater Ambulance


  • Colebrook Engine 1 (Center)
  • Colebrook Squad 4 (Center)
  • Colebrook Utility 5 (Center)
  • Colebrook Tanker 31 (Center)
  • Colebrook Engine 2 (Forge)
  • Colebrook Brush 6 (Forge)
  • Colebrook Rescue 8 (Forge)
  • Colebrook Tanker 32 (Forge)


  • Cornwall Engine 2-0 (West Cornwall)
  • Cornwall Engine 3-0 (Cornwall Bridge)
  • Cornwall Brush 4 (Cornwall Bridge)
  • Cornwall Utility 5 (West Cornwall)
  • Cornwall Truck 6 (Cornwall Bridge)
  • Cornwall Tanker (West Cornwall)
  • Cornwall Rescue 1 (West Cornwall)
  • Cornwall Ambulance (West Cornwall)

Falls Village

  • Falls Village Rescue 1
  • Falls Village Brush 4
  • Falls Village Engine 6
  • Falls Village Utility 8
  • Falls Village Engine 9
  • Falls Village Ambulance


  • Goshen Engine 1 (first due structure pumper)
  • Goshen Engine 2 (Tanker)
  • Goshen Engine 3 (first due rescue pumper, second due structure pumper)
  • Goshen Truck 4 (Utility)
  • Goshen Truck 5 (mini pumper)
  • Goshen Truck 6 (dive truck)
  • Goshen Ambulance 8 (reserve ambulance)
  • Goshen Ambulance 9 (primary ambulance)


  • Harwinton Engine 1 (first due rescue pumper, second due structure pumper)
  • Harwinton Engine 2 (first due structure pumper)
  • Harwinton Engine 3 (support pumper, used also for outside fires)
  • Harwinton Brush 4
  • Harwinton Tanker 5
  • Harwinton Ambulance 66-1
  • Harwinton Ambulance 66-2
  • Harwinton Westside Utility 6
  • Harwinton Westside Rescue 7
  • Harwinton Westside Utility 8
  • Harwinton Westside Tanker 10
  • Harwinton Westside Engine 12


  • Kent Engine 1 (Tanker)
  • Kent Engine 2 (first due pumper)
  • Kent Brush 3
  • Kent Utility 4
  • Kent Engine 5
  • Kent Engine 6
  • Kent Rescue 8
  • Kent Tower 1
  • Kent Ambulance 1
  • Kent Ambulance 2


Kent participates in the Resident State Trooper Program.


  • Litchfield Ladder 1
  • Litchfield Engine 1
  • Litchfield Engine 2 (first due pumper)
  • Litchfield Engine 4 (tanker)
  • Litchfield Rescue 5
  • East Litchfield Engine 24 (first due to structure calls)
  • East Litchfield Engine 25 (brush truck, used for service calls)
  • East Litchfield Engine 26 (first due to general alarms, rescue calls)
  • Northfield Engine 1
  • Northfield Engine Tanker 2
  • Northfield Engine 3 (4x4 mini pumper)
  • Northfield Rescue 1


  • Bantam Utility 32
  • Bantam Tanker 33
  • Bantam Engine 34
  • Bantam Engine 35 (second due pumper to all calls). Formerly first due to structure calls.
  • Bantam Engine 36 (first due pumper to all calls). Formerly first due to rescue calls.
  • Bantam Ambulance 37
  • Bantam Rescue 38
  • Bantam Ambulance 39


  • Morris Engine 1
  • Morris Engine 3 (Tanker)
  • Morris Brush 4
  • Morris Engine 5 (first due to all calls)
  • Morris Rescue 6
  • Morris 87-1 (ambulance)
  • Morris Command Vehicle

New Hartford

  • New Hartford Brush 2 (station 1)
  • New Hartford Engine 5 (station 1)
  • New Hartford Rescue 6 (station 1)
  • New Hartford Engine 7 (station 2)
  • New Hartford Tanker 10 (station 2)
  • Nepaug Engine 1 (first due structure pumper)
  • Nepaug Tanker 2
  • Nepaug Rescue 3
  • Nepaug Engine 4 (first due rescue pumper)
  • Nepaug Brush 5
  • Nepaug Fire Police 6
  • Pine Meadow Engine 1

New Milford


New Milford Fire

Dispatched by New Milford Police. New Milford has 4 volunteer Fire Departments:

  • Northville
  • Gaylordsville
  • Water Witch
  • Lanesville

New Milford Community Ambulance

Dispatched by New Milford Police. New Milford Community Ambulance has 2 ambulances and 1 fly car. As of late 2013/early 2014 New Milford was in the process of paying for a daytime paramedic.


  • Norfolk Engine 30
  • Norfolk Engine 40
  • Norfolk Utility 50
  • Norfolk ATV 70
  • Norfolk Brush 80
  • Norfolk Engine 90
  • Norfolk Tanker 100

North Canaan

  • North Canaan Ladder 1
  • North Canaan Rescue 1
  • North Canaan Tanker 3
  • North Canaan Truck 8
  • North Canaan Truck 9
  • North Canaan Engine 15 (second due pumper)
  • North Canaan Engine 16 (first due pumper)




Roxbury has a Resident State Trooper and a paid constable.


Roxbury is dispatched via NW Public Safety.


  • Lakeville Utility 1
  • Lakeville Utility 2
  • Lakeville Rescue 400 (second due to rescue calls)
  • Lakeville Tanker 10
  • Lakeville Engine 20 (first due to all calls)
  • Lakeville Engine 30 (second due to structure calls)
  • Lakeville Utility 50
  • Lakeville Engine 60 (hose supply for structure fires)
  • Lakeville Tanker 70


  • Sharon Tower 1
  • Sharon Rescue 1 (first due to rescues)
  • Sharon Engine 3 (Tanker) (second due to structure calls)
  • Sharon Engine 4 (Ellsworth Station)
  • Sharon Engine 6 (first due pumper to all calls from Main Station)
  • Sharon Hazmat 1
  • Sharon Utility 1
  • Sharon Utility 2
  • Sharon Ambulance



  • Warren Engine 3 (first due to all calls)
  • Warren Truck 5
  • Warren Engine 6
  • Warren Engine 7 (Tanker) (second due to structure calls)
  • Warren Rescue 8 (first due to rescues)

Warren Ambulance


Washington Police

Dispatched by CSP. Washington has a Resident State Trooper and 2 police officers.

Washington Volunteer Fire Department

Now Dispatched by LCD on LCD Dispatch. After dispatch, Washington units communicate on their dedicated channel




Dispatched by Northwest CT Public Safety

Fire and Ambulance dispatched on VHF analog, cross patched at Northwest with P25 VHF operations channel.

Responding mutual aid companies without digital radios can use the analog channel to transmit over the cross patch, and digital audio is rebroadcasted over the analog channel


Sherman is in Fairfield County however the town's Fire Department is dispatched by Litchfield County Dispatch.

Sherman Volunteer Fire Department


  • Sherman Engine 1 (second due to rescue, 4x4 for weather emergencies)
  • Sherman Engine 2 (first due for rescue, second due to structure calls)
  • Sherman Engine 3 (third due to calls, aids in water supply)
  • Sherman Brush 4
  • Sherman Engine 5 (first due pumper to general alarms and fires)
  • Sherman Utility 6
  • Sherman Marine 7
  • Sherman Tanker
  • Sherman Ambulance


  • Fireground - Repeater installed but almost always used as a simplex channel
  • Tac 1 - Simplex, rarely used
  • Fire Police - Simplex, Traffic control
  • LCD Scene 10 - Rarely used, shared with Cornwall

Other Agencies

  • Sherman Highway - Simplex
  • River Oaks - 2 UHF channels
  • Beatty Construction (33.160) - Licensed to Beatty but shared with some of the other construction companies in town

Medic 4

Medic 4 is based out of New Milford Hospital and responds to:

  • Bridgewater
  • Kent
  • New Milford
  • Roxbury
  • Sherman
  • Warren
  • Washington

Medic 4 is dispatched by LCD on Dispatch 1 and acknowledges the call on Dispatch 1. Once in the fly car Medic 4 then receives directions to the scene from LCD on CMED 4 and all further communication with LCD takes place on CMED 4.

When responding to a call in New Milford Medic 4 usually checks in with New Milford Ambulance on the 159.3525 repeater.

Medic 6

Medic 6 is based out of Winsted Health Center and responds to:

  • Barkhamsted
  • Colebrook
  • New Hartford
  • Norfolk
  • West Hartland
  • Winsted
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Riverton