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|SysName=Utica Public Safety (JPJ Communications)
* [[City of Utica (NY)]]
|Flavor=[[EDACS Standard]]
* JPJ is migrating SMR users to their [[JPJ Communications]] [ MPT-1327 UHF TRS.]
==System Frequencies==
System Frequencies: [ Utica Public Safety]
|State=New York
==Frequencies by Callsign (site)==
;[ '''WNMI838''']
;[ '''WPDQ874''']
;[ '''WPHM952''' ULS License ]
;[ '''WPHI441''' ULS License ]
;[ '''WPDB625''' ULS License ]
;[ '''WPDE963''']
;[ '''WPDW232''']
;[ '''WPDE964''']
=='''Utica Police iCall (Individual call)''' used on this [[EDACS]] TRS==
;[ Utica Public Safety (JPJ Communications)]
==Related Links and News==
* [[Oneida County (NY) Utica City]] Utica PD unit numbers !!
* JPJ is migrating SMR users to their [[JPJ Communications MPT-1327|MPT-1327 UHF TRS.]]
* [[Utica Public Safety (JPJ Communications) RIDs]] Radio ID #'s
==Other Wiki Articles==
==Other Wiki Articles==
* [[City of Utica (NY)]]
* [[Utica Public Safety (JPJ Communications) Frequencies and Sites]]
* [[Oneida County (NY) Utica City ICalls]]
* [[Oneida County (NY) Utica City]] "Utica PD unit numbers" !!
* [[JPJ Communications MPT-1327]]
* [[JPJ Communications MPT-1327]]
* [[Mobiletech Communications (Upstate NY)]]
* [[Mobiletech Communications]]
* [[Central New York Interoperable Communications Consortium (CNYICC) Network]]
*[ Oneida (County) > Businesses ]
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System Name Utica Public Safety (JPJ Communications)
System Type EDACS Standard
System ID ?
Connect Tone ?
Wide Area Communications Network ?
Network Access Code ?
TRBO Color Code ?
Band 800
County Oneida,Herkimer
State New York
Ownership Private

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