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; Blogs
; Blogs
* [ Milcom Monitoring Blog by Larry Van Horn]
* [ Milcom Monitoring Post by Larry Van Horn]
* [ Utility Planet Blog by Hugh Stegman]
* [ Utility Planet by Hugh Stegman]
; Receiver Control Software
; Receiver Control Software

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The best way to describe Utility (Ute) monitoring is to use negative logic; it excludes CB, Amateur and Short Wave Broadcast. This includes, but is not limited to, aeronautical stations, digital signals (outside of the specified amateur bands), military, maritime, federal and other users.
The RR forum for this topic can be found here

Hurricane Related Frequency Lists

Other Websites

Receiver Control Software

Past Natural Disasters

All of these heavily used HF during recovery, rescue and SAR operations

Utility Related Clubs and mailing lists

Chat Rooms
  • IRC channel #wunclub
  • #monitor on