Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS)

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameVirginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS)
OwnerCommonwealth of Virginia
Owner TypePublic
Countiesstatewide / all
CountryUnited States

System Details
BandVHF High / 800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WPMP765, WPMP769, WPMP794, WPMP844, WPMS264, WPMS785, WPMW276, WPVH386, WPVI534, WPVQ205, WQBN419, WQDU796, WQDU831, WQDU836, WQFA919, WQFC508, WQFP302, WQFR307, WQFR682, WQFR684, WQFS759, WQFV371, WQFY401, WQGA637, WQGX554, WQHA800, WQHN250, WQHR983, WQIB210, WQIS569, WQJK949, WQKU591, WQLH831, WQLN604, WQLN606, WQLZ633, WQOG986, WQPB994, WQTZ282, WQUM200, WQYV314

Expired/Cancelled Callsigns
WPMP762, WPMQ846, WPMX337, WQEH221, WQFX943

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Welcome to the Virginia Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS) collaboration article, a Statewide Public Trunked Radio System located in all Counties, Virginia, United States.
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Participating Agencies

Alcohol Beverage Control; Aviation; Capitol Police; Conservation & Recreation; Corrections; Emergency Management; Environmental Quality; Fire Programs; Forestry; Game & Inland Fisheries; Health; Juvenile Justice; Military Affairs; Mines, Minerals & Energy; Motor Vehicles; Professional & Occupational Regulation; State Police; Transportation; Virginia Information Technology Agency; Virginia Marine Resources Commission.

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IDEN Table (Channel Plan)

  • Line 1 - FDMA Base:851.00625 Spacing:6.25 kHz Offset:-45 MHz
  • Line 2 - FMDA Base:762.00625 Spacing:6.25 kHz Offset:30 MHz
  • Line 3 - FDMA Base:136.00000 Spacing:2.50 kHz Offset:0.9 MHz
  • Line 4 - FDMA Base:146.00000 Spacing:2.50 kHz Offset:0.9 MHz
  • Line 5 - FDMA Base:156.00000 Spacing:2.50 kHz Offset:-0.9 MHz
  • Line 6 - FDMA Base:166.00000 Spacing:6.25 kHz Offset:-0.9 MHz
  • Line 7 - FDMA Base:136.00000 Spacing:6.25 kHz Offset: 0.9 MHz
  • Line 8 - FDMA Base:161.59375 Spacing:6.25 kHz Offset:-0.9 MHz

Unknown Sites

  • RFSS 1, Site 32 (dec) / 152.0525a, 152.5025, 152.7275c, 152.8025 / Neighbors: 101, 102, 129, 203, 204, 207
  • RFSS 2, Site 26 (dec), Site NAC 19F / 161.8125a, 161.875, 161.900c, 162.000 / Neighbors: 131, 221, 222, 223, 224, 231

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