Voice Frequency Telegraphy (VFT)

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VFT or Voice Frequency Telegraphy is a general term used to define many kinds of multi-channel signals used by various government institutions. Many configurations are possible. A stand alone spectrum analyzer or one incorporated within the decoder can be a great help in identifying the signal arrangement. See Voice Frequency Telegraphy (VFT) Explained for a good article on VFT


These come from the UDXF Yahoo group. These represent just a sample of the kinds of VFT logged by members

  • 5291.0 2 channel 100 bd/170 FSK
  • 10900.0 Russian/CIS VFT 1400 Hz bandwidth
  • 5337.0 Swiss AF 100/170 2 Channel
  • 5338 Waiouru NZ 75/170 6 Channel
  • 16175.0 Russian/CIS 6 Channel
  • 14580.0 poss.Russian Navy Sevastopol Ukraine 2 channel T600
  • 7890.5 3 channel Russian/CIS

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