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Whistler WS1065 Desktop Scanner

The WS1065 is manufactured by The Whistler Group. It is operationally the same as the original GRE PSR-600, current Radio Shack Pro-652 and former Pro-197 and uses the same software and cables as all those models.

General Specifications

  • Bands Received
    • 29–54 MHz VHF Lo
    • 108–136.99166 MHz Aircraft
    • 137–174 MHz VHF Hi
    • 216-225 MHz VHF, Ham
    • 225-406 MHz Gov’t, Military
    • 406-512 MHz UHF
    • 700 Bands Public Service
    • 800/900 Bands Public Service
    • 1240-1300 MHz Ham

In the Box

  • WS1065 Radio
  • AC Adapter
  • DC Cable
  • Telescopic Antenna
  • Mobile Mounting Bracket


  • Note: if your scanner displays a Heap Error Message: you likely have some TGRP objects that are not associated with any TSYS

Supporting Software

See the Object Oriented Scanner Software article for more information

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