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*Sites and Status:
*Sites and Status:
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{|class=toccolours border=1 style=border-collapse:collapse cellpadding=3
!Site ID!!Site Name!!Status!!LatDMS!!LonDMS
!Site ID!!Site Name!!Status!!Lat.!!Lon.
|3-001||Alma, WI||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]||44.18099N||91.53277W
|3-001||Alma, WI||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]||44:18:09.9||91:53:27.7
|3-042||Lake City||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]|| ||
|3-042||Lake City||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]||44:25:59.0||92:18:35.0
|3-042||Bear Valley||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]|| ||
|3-042||Bear Valley||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]||44:15:57.3||92:11:21.8
|3-042||Zumbro Falls||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]|| ||
|3-042||Zumbro Falls||[[Image:ARMEROA.jpg]]||44:15:20.2||92:26:16.6

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Welcome to the Wabasha County, Minnesota collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.

Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Wabasha County Sheriffs Office
  • Lake City Police Department
  • Wabasha Police Department
  • Elgin Police Department
  • Plainview Police Department

Law Enforcement Radio ID's

Unit ID User
2xx Lake City Police
5xx Wabasha County Sheriff
7xx Elgin Police
9xx Plainview Police
900 Plainview Police Chief

Fire Departments


  • Lake City Fire
  • Goodhue Fire
  • Mazeppa Fire
  • Zumbro Falls Fire
  • Elgin Fire
  • Plainview Fire
  • Kellogg Fire
  • Wabasha Fire

Fire Radio ID's

Unit ID User
F1-F999 Fire/First Responders

Emergency Medical Services


  • Elgin Ambulance (BLS)
  • Wabasha Ambulance (BLS)
  • Plainview Ambulance (BLS)
  • Lake City Ambulance (Part Time ALS)

EMS Radio ID's

Unit ID User
77x Plainview Ambulances
271 Lake City Ambulance
272 Lake City Ambulance 1st Responder / Transfer Crew
273 Lake City Ambulance 2nd Responder / Transfer Crew
274 Lake City Ambulance 3rd Responder

ARMER Migration


  • Status - Planning to Migrate to ARMER
  • Sites and Status:
Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Lon.
3-001 Alma, WI ARMEROA.jpg 44:18:09.9 91:53:27.7
3-042 Lake City ARMEROA.jpg 44:25:59.0 92:18:35.0
3-042 Bear Valley ARMEROA.jpg 44:15:57.3 92:11:21.8
3-042 Zumbro Falls ARMEROA.jpg 44:15:20.2 92:26:16.6

Trunked Radio Systems

Recommended Scanning