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Walker County Fire

Most Walker County fire departments are dispatched by 911 Control over three simulcast repeaters at different sites in the county. All three repeaters transmit on 159.39000 MHz with a 167.9 PL, but each uses a unique receive tone on 151.28000. A courtesy tone (or lack thereof) following each transmission indicates which site is in use.

Site Tone In Courtesy Tone
West 156.7 PL none
South 167.9 PL 1750 Hz (high)
North 179.9 PL 1000 Hz (low)

Automatic station identification transmissions begin with alternating 880 and 480 Hz tones. A prerecorded voice ID of "WQQG392" is followed by "north", "west" or "south", indicating which transmitter is identifying. The courtesy tone for that site is sent at the end of the transmission. Certain repeater site conditions can also trigger prerecorded voic alarms such as "door open", "door closed", "generator on" and "generator off"; these announcements have the same format as the IDs, but with the condition in place of the call sign.

Tone Outs

Each fire department dispatched on 159.39000 has a unique A tone; the B tone 788.5 Hz is common to all. County-wide paging is achieved with a single eight-second 788.5 Hz B tone.

Department Tone A (Hz) Tone B (Hz)
Argo 349.0 788.5
Curry 457.9 788.5
Jasper 539.0 788.5


Jasper Fire Rescue

911 Control has historically dispatched Jasper Fire Rescue over the main Walker County fire channel, after which on-scene communications would take place on Jasper Fire's own channel. Currently all of the deaprtment's communications, including paging and dispatch, utilize 154.35500 (103.5 PL). Group paging with a single eight-second 330.5 Hz B tone.

Jasper Police Department

Jasper Police uses P25 on their frequency now, but the analog side is still active Output: 155.55 PL: 110.9 Input: 153.92 PL: 103.5

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