Warner Communications 800 LTR (IE StL/So. IL)

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IE Communications - 800 MHz St. Louis/So. IL TRS
System Name IE Communications - 800 MHz St. Louis/So. IL
System Type LTR MultiNet
System ID ?
Connect Tone ?
Network Access Code ?
DMR Color Code {{{CCode}}}
Band UHF
State Illinois, Missouri
Ownership Private

IE Communications - 800 MHz St. Louis/So. IL System DB Entry
IE Communications - 800 MHz St. Louis/So. IL Site Map from the RRDB

PDF Card

Welcome to the IE Communications - 800 MHz St. Louis/So. IL TRS collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.

  • LTR-Multinet systems and/or talkgroups cannot be trunktracked with any scanner. However you can listen to the frequencies conventionally. See our Trunked Radio Decoders page for compatible applications

Monitoring Notes

'Noting talkgroups and sites/frequencies verified still in use (and last use date)

  • 0-01-123 860.6375 "to central" (6/8/18)
  • 0-01-125 860.6375 pull water out of pond and put on road (6/8/18)
  • ------------------ Eureka, Union, I need your totals. "-4000" "79" "72" (6/8/18)
  • ------------------ giving directions (109 to 100) can't find brush pick up scheducle (6/18)
  • 0-02-123 859.0125 got some left in truck, head back to columbia (6/7/18)
  • 0-02-125 859.0125 23 to xx yard, 3800 pounds of 3-8 xxxx in row; 96 is 10-2 (6/8/18)
  • 0-10-058 857.5375 talk about properties, mowing (6/18)
  • 0-14-105 ???.???? heard, no voice (6/18)
  • 0-14-169 860.0625 (6/7/18)
  • 0-14-216 855.7625 6 skids to KC MO, pickup in E St Louis (6/7/18)

Miscellaneous Info

IE Communications - Company Information For KLL Wireless Provider 

*This system is (what appears to be) a combination of multiple licensees:
IE Communications; G&P Communications; RF Services; Whiteside, Ron; Pakosta, Eric; Brush, Peter; Overturf Communications; Overturf, Patrcia; EMT-Express Medical Transporters

(***May also be related to Young, William J Springfield (another Lifestar EMS LTR system on LCNs 10,14,18),  and  United Communications Company (Macoupin County) )

Sites with an *LCN are in confirmed LCN (Home Repeater Order)
--Other sites are the actual licensed frequencies for that site
***3/2/07 - It appears the Clayton/Creve Couer G&P sites may actually be 2 different sites NOT sharing the same freqeuncies, just one of the sites using part and the other using the others. You can actually tell a difference in the transmitter strength.

Lifestar EMS: Alton Division
0-14-165 Dispatched by Centralia Dispatch (also have Pager, NexTel) 
(also has access to 154.43 167.9 PL MadCo911 & 154.385R 156.7 PL Alton Fire Department -- can open Knox boxes)

Laidlaw Transit/Durham School Services
Uses R01 of Laidlaw/Durham frequencies and back-up on R10 Brush, Peter

Also used conventionally:
860.6625 031 DPL; 855.5125 156.7 PL; 854.3875 ??

Jung Truck Service, Inc. Mascoutah
06-136 (hear "B" or "V" units, 45, "Nashville, I-64, Rt 161/Rt 4,Bi-state lot") dispatch is at Mascoutah
06-142 (hear "B" or "V" units)

Marietta Quarry Quarry Jefferson County
014140 Secondary Channel?
014155 Main Channel? (all over the Metro Area, talking about Hays Trucking, deliveries, etc)

Express Medical Transport Website
WPBG789 - license with other sites on it, may be incorporated in this system (system set up by IE Communications/KLL)
1/07 - spending $600,000 to expand and upgrade its fleet and hiring 40 people as it rolls its nonemergency transportation service to outlying parts of metropolitan St. Louis. "We'll be serving rural areas we can't reach now," said Bernie Squitieri, president of the medical taxi business he started in 1998. 

EMT purchased 25 new vehicles for the expansion, expanding its fleet to 140 vehicles. With the new hires, EMT will have a staff of 167, Squitieri said. 

The company's new service will be in areas covered by electric utility Ameren, which is providing $100,000 of the expansion capital through a grant from its Ameren Community Development Corp.
EMT plans to equip its vehicles with Global Positioning System technology, which will allow the company to more effectively manage its drivers and reach parts of the metro area where its service is not currently accessible through its dispatching radios, Squitieri said. 

"We're now limited by the radio signals; GPS works off of satellites, and we can go anywhere," he said. 

Heard EMT on 006108 G&P 855.5375, saying coming into radio range near Hercelaneum MO

020125 heard "can you hear me on the Clayton tower?"

Collinsville 0-10-121
6/20/06 - Heard "radio service to White Sanitation"
6/27/06 - Heard unit in Litchfield headed towards Gillespie/Benld, said "Service units at school"

Durham School Services
Durham has several bases listed for their Bus Parking lots:
- 3350 Morganford (Stl City)
- 6121 Hall Street (Stl City)
- 7425 Forsyth (Clayton)
- 8024 Michigan Ave (Stl City)

Logisticare - Company used by 0-06-108 Medical Transport

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