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* [ Tigard Police]
* [ Tigard Police]
* [ Tualatin Police]
* [ Tualatin Police]
* [ Sherwood Police]
* [ Sherwood Police]
* [ King City Police]
* [ King City Police]
* [ Beaverton Police]
* [ Beaverton Police]

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Washington County Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Websites


10-01 Receiving Poorly
10-02 Receiving Clearly
10-04 Message Understood
10-07 Off duty or end of shift
10-08 On duty or Available
10-09 Repeat your last transmission
10-10 Meal or Break
10-15 Suspect in Custody
10-19 Return to your station or office
10-20 Location
10-21 Call by phone
10-26 Check vehicle registration through DMV
10-29 Check LEDS & NCIC for status
10-30 Check person through DMV for driving status
10-35 Confidential Information
10-52 Status Check
10-53 No Status Checks needed ("Code 4" more often used)
10-97 Arrived
10-98 Switch to designated radio frequency
12-01 Non-Injury Motor Vehicle Accident
12-02 Injury Motor Vehicle Accident
12-05 Assist Motorist
12-06 Tow Truck
12-08 Meet with ____
12-13 DUII Driver
12-14 Death
12-34 Behaviorial Problems / Mentally Unbalanced
19-15 Custody transport to jail or station

Unit Numbers

Washington County has been making a migration toward having less separation between different police agencies within the county. There is a basic separation between the West and South parts of the county, where dispatching is now typically combined respectively. Many of the agency specific talk groups are used much less, if at all. To be able to distinguish units of different agencies, Washington County police units have 4 digit unit numbers as identifiers, with different agencies in different ranges. Listed below are the ranges each agency falls within.

Unit ID Agency Primary Channel Dispatch TGID
1000 Hillsboro Police Department Hillsboro PD 1 60528
2000 Tigard Police Department South Cities 1 60848
3300 King City Police Department South Cities 1 60848
3400 North Plains Police Department WCSO SO 1 64048
3500 WCSO (Contracted for Gaston) WCSO SO 1 64048
3600 WCSO (Contracted for Banks) WCSO SO 1 64048
4000 Forest Grove Police Department WCSO SO 1 64048
5000 Washington County Sheriff's Office WCSO SO 1 64048
6000 Beaverton Police Department Beaverton PD 1 60048
7000 Sherwood Police Department South Cities 1 60848
8000 WCSO (Contracted for Cornelius) WCSO SO 1 64048
9000 Tualatin Police Department South Cities 1 60848
  • First digit is Agency
  • Second digit is shift or other
    • 0 - Corrections
    • 1 - Day (First Shift)
    • 2 - Swing (Second Shift)
    • 3 - Early Graveyard (Third Shift)
    • 4 - Late Graveyard (Fourth Shift) [WCSO]
    • 5 - Admin
    • 6- Detectives
    • 7 - Other units (SEE BELOW*)
    • 8 - Services
    • 9 - Auxillaries (SEE BELOW*)
  • Third digit is the district (1-7) [For WCSO, 0-Sergeants, 1-Corporals]
  • Fourth digit is the unit ID (0-9)

5799-5729 Traffic
5730-5739 Motor Unit
5750-5759 Marine
5760-5769 Bikes
5770-5779 Transports
5790-5799 K-9
5910-5939 Reserves
5940-5969 Posse
5970-5999 Search and Rescue/Explorer

Washington County Fire & EMS

All Washington County fire agencies are dispatched by and through the Washington County Consolidated Communications Agency (WCCCA), and are assigned a few dispatches known collectively as FIRECOM. They are responsible for dispatching all calls within the county, as well as requesting mutual aid from neighboring agencies, such as LOCOM, CCOM, and BOEC.

There are eight primary talkgroups, in addition to various miscellaneous talkgroups. For a complete listing, see the Washington County/Clackamas County trunked radio system in the RaidoRefernce database.

Talkgroup ID Talkgroup Name Use
50640   FIRECOM   Dispatch   Used to dispatch fire and EMS resources
50576   OPS 32   Used by Banks, Cornelius, Forest Grove, and Gaston units for routine calls
50544   OPS 33   Used by Hillsboro for routine calls
50512   OPS 34   Used by TVF&R for routine calls
50480   OPS 35   Primary major incident channel for all county agencies
50448   OPS 36   Secondary major incident channel (when Ops 35 is in use)
50608   OPS 37   Tertiary major incident channel (when Ops 35 and 36 are in use); currently used as needed   as a cross-patch to law enforcement talkgroups during sensitive situations, such as threats   of suicide; also used as a minor incident dispatch channel during countywide emergencies
50416   OPS 38   Used by Washington, Yamhill, and Clackamas counties during mutual aid with a patch to   North Marion County Communications (NORCOM) and the agencies they dispatch
50384   OPS 39   Used by Washington and Yamhill agencies, including Gaston and Yamhill RFPD during   mutual aid incidents, with a patch to Yamhill County Communications

Fire Department Websites

Fire Agencies

There are six fire service districts within the county. They are as follows:

Agency Area of Coverage
Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) Covers the cities of Beaverton, Durham, King City, Newberg, North Plains, Rivergrove, Sherwood, Tigard, Tualatin, West Linn, and Wilsonville, as well as unincorporated areas in Clackamas, Multnomah, Yamhill, and Washington counties - as of July 1st, 2016, Washington County Fire District #2, Newberg Fire, and Newberg Ambulance are now part of TVF&R through intergovernmental agreements for service
Hillsboro Fire & Rescue Covers the City of Hillsboro
Cornelius Fire Department Covers the City of Cornelius and surrounding unincorporated communities
Forest Grove Fire & Rescue Covers the City of Forest Grove, the community of Gales Creek, and other surrounding unincorporated communities
Banks Fire District #13 Covers the City of Banks, the communities of Buxton and Timber, and other surrounding rural areas of northwest Washington County
Gaston Fire District #11 Covers the City of Gaston, Henry Hagg Lake, and other rural communities in southwest Washington County and northwest Yamhill County

See Washington County (OR) Fire Stations/Units for more information.

EMS Agencies

Metro West Ambulance provides BLS, ILS, and ALS transportation for all medical-related incidents within the county, as well as non-emergency assistance to those with extensive or specialized mobility needs.

Each ambulance is directed to a certain area (post) for coverage throughout the county:

Post# Location City
HQ¹ Metro West Headquarters - 5475 Dawson Creek Dr Hillsboro
1 Cornelius Fred Meyer Cornelius
2 SE Brookwood Ave & SW Tualatin Valley Hwy Hillsboro
3 SW Cornelius Pass Rd & W Baseline Rd Hillsboro
4 SW 185th & SW Tualatin Valley Hwy Aloha
5 NW 185th & NW Evergreen Pkwy Hillsboro
6 SW Murray Blvd & SW Tualatin Valley Hwy Beaverton
7 Oregon Hwy 217 & SW Canyon Rd (TV Highway / Oregon Hwy 8) Beaverton
8 Oregon Hwy 217 & Oregon Hwy 99 West Tigard
9 SW Durham Rd & Oregon Hwy 99 West Tigard / King City
10 Tuality Hospital - Forest Grove Forest Grove
11 Tuality Hospital - Hillsboro Hillsboro
12 Providence St. Vincent Medical Center Portland
13 SW Avery St & SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Tualatin
14 SW Murray Blvd & SW Scholls Ferry Rd Beaverton
15 SW Boones Ferry Rd & SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Tualatin
16 Oregon Hwy 99 West & SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Sherwood
17 SW Scholls Ferry Rd & Oregon Hwy 217 Beaverton / Tigard
18 SW Greenburg Rd & Oregon Hwy 217 Tigard
26 SW Murray Blvd & US Hwy 26 Beaverton
27 SW Bull Mountain Rd & Oregon Hwy 99 West Tigard / King City
28 SW Nyberg St & SW 65th Ave Tualatin

¹ Note: while not a post, occasionally you will hear an ambulance responding from here.

In addition, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, Forest Grove Fire & Rescue, HIllsboro Fire & Rescue, and Gaston Rural Fire Protection District have transport-capable medic units, and may occasionally take patients to area hospitals if Metro West has no ambulances available, or in times of major emergencies or disasters.

The Life Flight Network, a system of specially outfitted helicopters, airplanes, and ground transportation provide service in Washington County for critical care transport to Portland area hospitals and trauma centers. Life Flight 1 based at Hillsboro Airport, Life Flight 2 based at the Aurora Airport in Marion County, and Life Flight 7 based in Longview, WA provide the closest coverage to Washington County. Life Fight 14, located in Astoria, also responds to the Washington County area if necessary.

Joint CAD Incident Tracking System

WCCCA and CCOM partnered together to provide to the general public an incident tracking system for fire and medical calls within the two counties. As of 10/272016, this service is no longer available. See the Joint CAD Incident Tracking System for more information.

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