Washington County (OR)

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Washington County Police Unit Numbers

Washington County has been making a migration toward having less separation between different police agencies within the county. There is a basic separation between the West and South parts of the county, where dispatching is now typically combined respectively. Many of the agency specific talk groups are used much less, if at all. To be able to distinguish units of different agencies, Washington County police units have 4 digit unit numbers as identifiers, with different agencies in different ranges. Listed below are the ranges each agency falls within.

Unit Number Agency
1000 Hillsboro Police Department
2000 Tigard Police Department
3300 King City Police Department
3400 North Plains Police Department
3500 Gaston Police Department
3600 Banks Police Department
4000 Forest Grove Police Department
5000 Washington County Sheriff's Department
6000 Beaverton Police Department
7000 Tualatin Police Department
8000 Cornelius Police Department
9000 Sherwood Police Department