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[[Image:Watertown Intl.GIF|thumb|right|Watertown Intl runways]]
|SysName=Watertown International Airport (ART)
|County=[[Jefferson County (NY)|Jefferson]]
|State=[[New York (US)|New York]]
|ARTCC=[[Boston (ZBW) Air Route Traffic Control Center|Boston]]
* [ Watertown Int'l Airport - Airnav]
* Runway image via
==Airport Diagrams==
Image:Watertown Intl.GIF|Watertown Intl runways<br/><small>Courtesy of</small>
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==Related Links==
*[[Federal Aviation Administration]]
*[[Transportation Security Administration]]

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Watertown International Airport (ART)
City: Syracuse
County: Jefferson
State: New York
ARTCC: Boston

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Welcome to the Watertown International Airport (ART) aviation article, the airport located in Jefferson County, New York.
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Airport Diagrams


  • Coordinated via Wheeler Sack Army Airfield (below)
Frequency  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
38.50000  RM  151.4 PL  WSAAF Range Range Control Primary  FM  Military 
128.25000  BM    WSAAF App/Dp Approach/Departure  AM  Aircraft 
257.60000  BM    WSAAF App/Dp Approach/Departure  AM  Aircraft 
121.90000  BM    WSAAF Ground Ground  AM  Aircraft 
229.80000  BM    WSAAF Ground Ground  AM  Aircraft 
118.75000  BM    WSAAF Tower Tower  AM  Aircraft 
290.25000  BM    WSAAF Tower Tower  AM  Aircraft 
347.70000  BM    WSAAF VFR VFR/Range  AM  Aircraft 

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