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==Attractions and Recreation==
==Attractions and Recreation==
*[[Recreation and Attractions Will County (IL)]]
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Will County

Will County 911: Police/Fire

  • 9 PSAPS WESCOM (8 FD, 5 PD), EASTCOM, Joliet (JPD, JFD), Romeoville (PD), Lincolnway (3 PDs), Wilmington (PD, Elwood FD, Custer Park FD), Braidwood (BFD, BPD), Steger, Will County. Will County EMA is backup for 911.
  • Beecher PD, Monee PD, Peotone PD have switched to the Will County Public Safety system.

Central Dispatch Agencies

EASTCOM - Eastern Will County Communications Network

  • Some ops (For Peotone, Beecher, Monee) now on Will County TRS. Dispatches for: Crete, Crete Township, Beecher, Steger, University Park
  • 1/12 - Still hearing occasional traffic on old VHF East Com freqency 155.145 225.7PL. Have heard Beecher and Monee use this as car to car or as a talk around of the Will County trunked system they normally use.


Police IDs

West 158.85R/154.875 ------------- 
100s: Plainfield (Dispatched on SC21 TG 1001,1002) 
200s: Channahon 
500s: Plainfield Park District (?) 
700s: Shorewood 

East 155.73R/156.03 ------------- 
100s: Crest Hill 
500s: Lockport 


MABAS Division 15 Dispatch

  • For Plainfield, Troy, Channahan, Lockport, Northwest Homer, Rockdale, Wilmington, Minooka
  • 155.355 Paging Bases at:
    • WQAG716: Plainfield, Shorewood, Channahon, Lockport, Homer Glen, Rockdale
    • WQAG719: Lockport, Wilmington, Plainfield, Seward Township (Kendall), Braidwood (Will), Minooka (Grundy)
    • WPWL581: Shorewood (Will)
    • WQJD352: Lockport (Will) (Lockport Twp. primarily dispatched on 154.8525), Elwood, and Custer Park. FCC application to add site at the water tower on Taylor road in Romeoville


  • 12/5/10 - WESCOM converted its analog "Police 1" system (158.85 88.5 PL) to narrowband AND simulcast. This system covers Channahon, Shorewood, Wilmington and Braidwood. These transmitters are linked by microwave and "timed" by way of GPS synchronization. The transmitters "re-train" each day (usually at 2am) and re-sync to make sure the overlap zones have good signal. You may hear what sounds like data bursts when "re-training" occurs. Each transmit site also has a voting receiver.
    • There are 4 additional free-standing receivers which are recycled Motorola TAC receivers (8 total receive sites).
    • Tait processes the audio, cleans it up, and sends each audio path to the voter. (This was all done under a series of grants and has been VERY cost effective for WESCOM agencies.
  • 2/11 WPCV634 158.85 R adding sites at Braidwood, Channahon, Wilmington; also at Shorewood
  • 6/11 0004759323 FCC Application for STA for testing of 154.8675 as a replacement for 154.875 input to 158.85 repeater.
  • 8/11 FCC Modification to WPCV634 changing 154.875 to 154.8675 permanently.
  • 1/12 FCC Application 0005049842 for 155.73 Repeater at Lockport (11K, assoc. call sign: KCQ308)

Orland Central Dispatch

  • Located within the Orland Fire District. The center opened June of 1992, dispatching fire and emergency medical incidents for Orland Park and Orland Hills. In October of 1992, Orland Central began dispatching for the Homer Township Fire District. Since that time, Calumet City, East Joliet, Mokena, and Peotone and Fire are also being dispatched by Orland Central. Orland Central is a Mutual Aid Box Alarm System dispatch center for twelve area fire departments as well. Additional functions of this center are being the Southwest Hazardous Material Response Center as well as handling the Combined Agency Response Team (tactical rescue) for agencies.
    • 10/08 - CARMA member reports now hear Automated Voice Dispatch on 159.045 (for tone out: human on responses)

Orland Park Fire Protection District


  • 7/11 - FCC Modification to WPMQ284:
    • add 154.07 Base at Blue Island
    • add 159.045 Base/Moible at Oak Forest
    • keep 159.045, 158.8575R at Orland Park
    • add 155.3025 Base/Mobile at Orlank Park
    • Delete 159.045 Base at Lockport, Mokena, Peotone, Romeoville

Lincolnway Communication Center (Frankfort)

  • As of 2/24/09, these Fire Depts are being dispatched on 151.1825 MHz, the new repeater.:
    • Frankfort Fire District, Mokena Fire District, Manhattan Fire District., New Lenox Fire District, East Joliet Fire District (They may still simulcast on 154.400 MHz, at least for awhile. The new repeater has 2 sites, Frankfort & New Lenox)
  • Police departments Dispatched: New Lenox, Mokena, Frankfort

Municipalities and Districts

  • 1/31/07 - Towns to buy 113 cop radios (By Susan DeMar Lafferty SUN-TIMES NEWS GROUP)
    • Frankfort, Mokena and New Lenox are teaming up to purchase new radios for police officers. 113 800 MHz units will be bought with grant funds from a settlement agreement under the Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance Fee Act. The new equipment will allow all of their police officers to have a portable radio capable of communicating on Will County's 800 MHz system, and be used as a backup should the Lincolnway radio network fail.
    • Ultimately, this would become their primary source of communication as they transition to this new 800 MHz technology, Mokena Police Chief Randy Rajewski said. Mokena and New Lenox decided to share the funds with Frankfort because they rely heavily on each other for 911 services, Chief Martin said. "This benefits every officer on our network," Chief Rajewski said.


  • Police IDs are phonetic letters followed by numbers such as Paul 5 and Edward 2.
  • EMS to Hospital communications are on Nextel PBX.
  • KJK371 155.37. They have one base station used to reach neighboring police departments.
  • KNQ451 - 154.265 BM IFERN; KZJ504 155.055 B I-REACH; KB24037 155.22 M MERCI220, 155.34 M MERCI340 and the first 8 UHF MERCI duplex channels, 463/468.0 through 463/468.175; KXO595 BM 37.26 old ESDA low band.

Bolingbrook Park District

  • WQOP596 for Portables on 466.1, 466.125, 466.15, 466.175, 466.2 (4wt-11K)


Channahon Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • 3 ALS ambulances, 1 ALS Engine
  • WPIV579 adding 155.7975 Repeater with 158.82 (11K)

Channahon Park District


Frankfort Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • Dispatched by Lincoln-way Public Safety Communication Center


  • Joliet Police identify by the sector in which they work (10s east side, 20s central, 30s west side) and also have cover cars that identify as "west cover", "northeast cover", etc.
  • 6/11 - WQEL588 Water Data, deleteing 452.5125, 452.6125, 452.575, changing to 452.0125

Homer Township Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • Dispatched by Orland Central on 159.045. Servces 23 sq. m. with 18,000 people in Homer Glen and areas in eastern Lockport, northern sections of New Lenox and parts of unincorporated Homer Township.


  • Police formerly used 155.025 as F-7 and current is able to monitor "fire band" in squad cars. (not sure now if they have the new frequency)

Lockport Township Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • 6 Stations serving 70,000 people in 42 sq. miles including Lockport, Crest Hill, Romeoville, unincorporated areas of the township and areas of Joliet, Troy and Homer Townships.
  • Dispatched by WESCOM


Mokena Fire

  • Website
  • Serves portions of Frankfort, Homer Glen, Mokena and Orland Park with 17,000 people over 12 sq.m..

New Lenox

New Lenox Fire Protection District

  • Website
  • Fire Dispatch is by Lincoln-way Public Safety Communication Center

Northwest Homer (Township) Fire & Ambulance Protection District (Lockport)

Orland Park


Police Department

  • Website
  • "PA" license WQGN804 TF/F 4940.0 - 4990.0 (IP Serveilance Cameras)

Plainfield Fire Protection District Ambulance Department


Romeoville Police Department

  • Police IDs are 300s. Police use a Nextel for a lot of unit to unit/car to car comms.

Romeoville Fire Department

  • Self dispatched on 159.2325

Lockport Township Fire Department

  • Serves a portion of Romeoville, dispatched by WESCOM.

University Park

  • Police are dispatched on 470.5625 203.5 PL by EastCom (units ???); also 470.4375 203.5 PL link to other departments
  • Fire is dispatched on 154.235 97. PL by EastCom


  • 9/11/11 - Submitter reports: "The Wilmington police frequency of 155.310/159.210 118.8 appears to no longer be active"
  • 12/09 - Wilmington Police is now being dispatched by Wescom Dispatch on a simulcast of 155.31 118.8 PL and 158.850 88.5 PL

Schools and Colleges


Will County Area Career Center (Romeoville)

  • 1/11 New WQNK811 - mobiles on 466.05, 466.075, 466.1, 466.125, 466.15 (11K)

Bolingbrook Schools

451.18750  456.18750   WQBD915  RM 162 DPL BHS Security  BHS Security [F-1]  FM  
451.48750  456.48750   WQBD915  RM 411 DPL MHS Maintenc  BHS Maintenance [F-2]  FM  

Channahon School District #17

Coal City Community Schools

464.22500  469.22500   KNGV971  RM  Ops [Term 4/02]  FM  Schools  
464.22500  469.22500   KNGV971  RM  Ops (@ Wilmington) [Term 4/02]  FM  Schools  

Crete-Monee School District #201-U

463.41250  468.41250   WQJZ736  RM  CrMon Sch 1  Operations (10 locations, also WQJZ737)
463.70000  468.70000   WPWW234  RM  CrMon Sch 3  Operations  FM  Schools  
464.62500  469.62500   WPWW234  RM  CrMon Sch 2  Operations (@ University Park)  FM 
464.32500      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 5  Operations  FM  Schools  
464.82500      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 6  Operations  FM  Schools  
467.76250      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 7  Operations  FM  Schools  
467.81250      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 8  Operations  FM  Schools  
467.85000      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 9  Operations  FM  Schools  
467.85000      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 10  Operations  FM  Schools  
469.26250      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 11  Operations  FM  Schools  
469.50000      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 12  Academic/Athelitic Events (Itinerant Statewide)
469.55000      WPWW234  M  CrMon Sch 13  Academic/Athelitic Events (Itinerant Statewide)

Frankfort Community Unit School District #157c

464.97500  469.97500   WQBR695  RM  Operations (also Joliet Township)  FM  Schools  

Indian Prairie School District #204 (Naperville/Bollingbrook)

451.35000  WPMR282  BM  IPSD A Op1  Security/Maintenance @ Aurora (DuPage)  FM  
452.27500  WPPA707  BM  IPSD A Op2  Maintenance/Admin @ Aurora (Kane)  FM  Schools  
452.32500  WPMR282  BM  IPSD A Op3  Security/Maintenance @ Aurora (DuPage)
452.35000  WPMR282  BM  IPSD A Op4  Security/Maintenance @ Aurora (DuPage)
461.70000  WPMR282  RMF IPSD A Op5  Security/Maintenance @ Aurora (DuPage) 
463.35000  WPMR282  RMF IPSD A Op6  Security/Maintenance @ Aurora (DuPage)  FM  
452.10000  WPMR282  RM  IPSD N Op1  Security/Maintenance @ Naperville (DuPage)
452.22500  WPPA707  BM  IPSD N Op2  Maintenance/Admin @ Naperville (DuPage) 
452.27500  WPPA707  BM  IPSD N Op3  Maintenance/Admin @ Naperville (DuPage) 
461.55000  WPMR282  RMF IPSD N Op4  Security/Maintenance @ Naperville (Will)  
452.50000  WPPA707  BM  IPSD B Ops  Maintenance/Admin @ Bollingbrook (Will)
464.01250           RM  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)
464.21250           RM  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)
464.41250           RM  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)
466.02500            M  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)
466.10000            M  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)
466.15000            M  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)
466.17500            M  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)
466.25000            M  IPSD A2Op1  Ops (1801 N Eola Rd-Aurora)

Joliet Schools

452.20000  457.20000   WQHN273  RM  JTHS ??  Joliet Township High School (*corrected freq 6/08)  FMN  Schools  
461.20000  466.20000   WPRT799  RM   Joliet School District #86   FM  Schools  
461.92500  466.92500   WQHN273  RM 031 DPL JTHS Teacher  Joliet Township High School: Teacher Ops 

Lincolnway Schools (Frankfort)

  • Heard on 463.6875: 118, VM 188, "Dubble Bubble-take kids home", calling electrian
463.35000   WZH838   RMF  LWCHS Ops 4  CHSD#210  FM  Schools  
462.35000   WQJT836  RMF  LWCHS Ops 1  CHSD#210: Buses/Safety/Maintenance (@ Mokena)  
461.87500   WQJT836  RMF  LWCHS Ops 2  CHSD#210: Buses/Safety/Maintenance (@ New Lenox) 
463.65000   WZH838   RMF  LWCHS Ops 3  Community High School District: Ops 
466.48750   WQGK884  M    LWASE Ops 3  Lincoln Way Area Special Education: Operations 
466.58750   WQGK884  M    LWASE Ops 2  Lincoln Way Area Special Education: Operations 

Lockport Schools

Lockport Township High School (LTHS) - VHF (Will) LTR Standard Operations

155.16000                       BM  Homr SD Bus  Homer Schools: Buses ?  FM  Schools  
451.35000  456.35600   WPZK772  RM  KvnGrvSchool  District 91 Schools    FM  Schools  
155.22000              KJQ621   BM  LTHS Busses pl: 67.0                 FM  Schools

Manhattan School District #114

461.45000  466.45000   WNXD724  RM  Ops (@ Lockport)  FM  Schools  
463.77500  468.77500   WNXD724  RM  Ops (@ Manhattan)  FM  Schools  

Mokena Public School District #159

152.98250  159.86250   WQIY398  RM Mokna SchBus  Transportation   FM  Schools  
155.26500      KJB391  BM  Transportation  FM  Schools  

New Lenox School District #122

  • WPYK340 72.1 F Wireless Clocks
461.20000  466.20000   WPXB473  RM  Elementary Schools  FM  Schools  
464.32500      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  
464.82500      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  
467.76250      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  
467.81250      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  
467.85000      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  
467.87500      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  
467.90000      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  
467.92500      KNNS362  M  Ops [Term 5/02]  FM  Schools  

Oswego Community Unit School District #308

  • Kendall/Will Counties
  • WQBQ681 71.1 72.12 72.18 72.22 72.36 72.34 72.4 Wireless Clocks
464.10000  469.10000   WNST523  RMF  Operations (@ Plainfield) [Exp 7/05]  FM  Schools  

Peotone Community Unit District #207

463.50000  468.50000   WPFV775  RM  School Ops (@ Peotone, Frankfort)

Plainfield Community Consolidated School District #202

461.47500     WQIB499  RM  Pfld HS N 1  North High School   FMN  Schools  
464.00000     WQCY986  RM  Pfld HS N 2  North High School  FMN  Schools  
452.70000     WQIB499  RM  Pfld HS S 1  South High School   FMN  Schools  
461.38750     WPTQ6346 RM  Pfld HS S 2  South High School: Security  FMN  Schools  
452.70000     WQIB499  RM  Pfld HS E 1  East High School   FMN  Schools  
464.22500     WQIB499  RM  Pfld HS Cntr  Central High School   FMN  Schools  
451.95000      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op1  Portables (all schools)  FMN  Schools  
452.45000      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op2  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
452.67500      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op3  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
456.95000      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op4  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
457.45000      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op5  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
457.67500      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op6  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
461.05000      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op7  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
464.17500      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op8  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
466.05000      WQIB499  M  Pfld Sch Op9  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
469.17500      WQIB499  M  Pfld SchOp10  Portables (all schools)   FMN  Schools  
462.16250     WQLL646  RM  Pfld SchOp11  CUSD #202 (Joliet)  11K

Reed Custer School District 255w (Diamond)

451.30000  456.30000   WPDX272  RMF  Ops   FM  Schools  

Richland School (Crest Hill)

151.89500  WNZN727  BM  Ops  FM  Schools 

'''Steger Public Schools District #194'''
461.30000  WQGH944  RM Steg SchOps1  Security/Maintenance   FM  Schools  
462.57500  WPRI509  BM Steg SchOps2  School Ops  FM  Schools  
151.77500           BM Steg SchOps3  Operations  FM  Schools  

Troy Community Consoildated School District 30c (Shorewood)

464.57500  469.57500   WPXL518  RMF 203.5 PL TSD30c Ops  Operations/Transportation
***possible tone heard Joliet area 5/08

Valley View Public Community Unit School District #365v (Romeoville)

461.42500  KSZ591   RM   VVSD Ops R1  Operations (900 W Romeo Rd)  FM 
461.97500  KSZ591   RM   VVSD OpsR10  Operations (900 W Romeo Rd)  FM  
464.76250  KSZ591   RM   VVSD OpsR11  Operations (900 W Romeo Rd)(also WPYM658) 
151.80500  WPGS302  M    VVSD365 Ops2  Operations  FM  Schools  
464.81500  WPGS302  M    VVSD365 Ops3  Operations  FM  Schools  
451.48750  WQDB915  RM   VVSD365 Ops5  Operations (Bollingbrook)  FMN   
466.20000  WQDB918  M    VVSD365 Ops6  Staff Ops  FM  Schools  
466.70000  WQDB918  M    VVSD365 Ops7  Staff Ops  FM  Schools  
466.97500  WQDB918  M    VVSD365 Ops8  Staff Ops  FM  Schools  
467.10000  WQDB918  M    VVSD365 Ops9  Staff Ops  FM  Schools  
464.15000  WQIS471  RMF  Luk Mid Schl  Lukancic Middle School (Romeoville)  

Will County School District #92

151.74500  WPEK537  BM  Ops [Term 6/02]  FM  Schools  

Wilmington School District #209-U

155.95250  160.01250   WQKA385  RM Wilm School  Operations  FMN  


University of St. Francis (Joliet)

  • 72.1 WQDT755 Wireless Clock System

Codes & Lists

Will County Police Unit IDs

  • Lockport Police: 500's
  • Lockport Park District Police: 600's
  • Crest Hill Police: 100's
  • Code Lincoln 50: Unit out at the PD
  • Romeoville Police: 300's

Fire Tone Outs

  • These are in two tone "Quick Call II" format.

Department Tone A Tone B Long tone C

  • Beecher 1062 832 926
  • University Park 1355 1322
  • Steger 2568 1663
  • Crete ESDA 1233
  • Crete Town 832 1062


Attractions and Recreation