Will County (IL)

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Will County 911: Police/Fire

  • 3 PSAPS - WESCOM, Joliet (JPD, JFD), Laraway Communications Center


Edward - Elmhurst Health Center (Plainfield)

  • WRCW746 452.225, 461.4375 repeaters (DMR/NFM)

Provena Mercy Center

  • KJ5715 155.2200 Mobile (11K Aurora)
  • KQY609 155.2200 Mobile (11K Joliet)

Silver Cross Hospital (Joliet)

Central Dispatch Agencies

Laraway Communications Center (Joliet)

  • Dispatches 31 police and fire agencies, including Will County Sheriff and agencies formerly dispatched by EASTCOM and Lincolnway Communication Center (12/18/17)


Fire East - 154.2350 (97.4 PL):

Beecher FD (Stations 44, 45), Crete FD (Stations 77, 78), Crete Township FPD (Stations 42, 43), Monee FPD (Stations 55, 56), Peotone FPD (Stations 14, 15), South Chicago Heights FD (Station 67), Steger FD (Stations 37, 38), Steger Estates FPD (Station 35), University Park FD (Stations 96, 97)

Fire West - 151.1825 (123.0 PL), patched to Romeoville FD 159.2325 (107.2) repeater and Will County P25 Trunked System Talkgroup 20101:

East Joliet (Stations 51-53), Frankfort FPD (Stations 71-75), Manhattan (Stations 81-84), Mokena (Stations 91-93), New Lenox FPD (Stations 61-64), Romeoville FD (Stations 21-23)




MABAS Division 15 Dispatch

  • For Plainfield, Troy, Channahan, Lockport, Northwest Homer, Rockdale, Wilmington, Minooka
  • 155.3550 Paging Bases at:
    • WQAG716: Plainfield, Shorewood, Channahon, Lockport, Homer Glen, Rockdale
    • WQAG719: Lockport, Wilmington, Plainfield, Seward Township (Kendall), Braidwood (Will), Minooka (Grundy)
    • WPWL581: Shorewood (Will)
    • WQJD352: Lockport (Will) (Lockport Twp. primarily dispatched on 154.8525), Elwood, and Custer Park. FCC application to add site at the water tower on Taylor road in Romeoville


  • 12/5/10 - WESCOM converted its analog "Police 1" system (158.8500 88.5 PL) to narrowband AND simulcast. This system covers Channahon, Shorewood, Wilmington and Braidwood. These transmitters are linked by microwave and "timed" by way of GPS synchronization. The transmitters "re-train" each day (usually at 2am) and re-sync to make sure the overlap zones have good signal. You may hear what sounds like data bursts when "re-training" occurs. Each transmit site also has a voting receiver.
    • There are 4 additional free-standing receivers which are recycled Motorola TAC receivers (8 total receive sites).
    • Tait processes the audio, cleans it up, and sends each audio path to the voter. (This was all done under a series of grants and has been VERY cost effective for WESCOM agencies.
  • 2/11 WPCV634 158.8500 R adding sites at Braidwood, Channahon, Wilmington; also at Shorewood
  • 6/11 0004759323 FCC Application for STA for testing of 154.8675 as a replacement for 154.8750 input to 158.8500 repeater.
  • 8/11 FCC Modification to WPCV634 changing 154.8750 to 154.8675 permanently.
  • 1/12 FCC Application 0005049842 for 155.7300 Repeater at Lockport (11K, assoc. call sign: KCQ308)

EASTCOM - Eastern Will County Communications Network

Closed, agencies being dispatched by Laraway Communications Center (12/17)

Lincolnway Communication Center (Frankfort)

Closed, agencies being dispatched by Laraway Communications Center (12/17)

Schools - Public

Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C (Homer Glen)

  • WQYY719 451.450 (CC7) repeater (buses, etc.), 452.1625 repeater (Goodings Grove School), 451.5125 repeater (Butler School), 452.2875 and 452.4125 repeaters (Hadley Middle School and Homer Junior High School), 452.8875 CC7? repeater (Schilling School and Young School). All DMR.

Plainfield CUSD 202

  • WRDA568 464.400 repeater - Plainfield North High School (NFM)


Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie (Wilmington)

  • 164.1250 and 164.8250 have been reported as possibly in use at this location.
  • The Midewin Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) is based here. They are a national resource that responds to wildfires, prescribed fire/fuel reduction support and all-risk incidents. Learn more at


Joliet Utilities

  • WQEL588 Water Data, deleteing 452.5125, 452.6125, 452.575, changing to 452.0125

Joliet Township

Naperville (City) Utilities

  • WNTN487 928.54375, 952.54375 11K for Meter Data?
  • WNTP990 928.54375, 952.54375 11K for Meter Data?

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