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Win96 Screenshot

Win96 is a software program for the Radio Shack Pro-96 Digital Trunking Scanner and the Pro-2096 "mobile" version. It allows you to read data from the scanner, make changes via the GUI, and write the modified data back. Win96 can also manage the PRO-96's "Virtual Scanner Folders". You can maintain a "library" of data files to be downloaded or shared. Alternatively, you can import and export comma-delimited (CSV) text files.

During Win96's design and creation, its author worked closely with the PRO-96's development team. Due in part to this relationship, Win96 allows full control of all known PRO-96 features, including several that are not documented in the scanner's manual. These "extra" features include, (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Virtual Scanner Management
  • Extended Trunking Tables
  • "Battery Low" level control
  • Changing the scanner's power-on display text
  • Open up extended frequency ranges (minus cellular)

Downloads and Links

See the Win96 Homepage

Integration with the Web service

Win96 has the native ability to access the database directly using the Web Service. It is done thru a simple Win96 Web import:

Web Import of Win96

In the screen below, you can see a sample Type IIi Hybrid Motorola system ready for import directly from the database into a Win96 bank:

Web Import of Win96