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Fire / Rescue / EMS Station Numbers

Station 11 Town of Nekimi Fire Department
Station 12 Town of Utica Fire Department
Station 14 City of Oshkosh Fire Department-Knapp St.
Station 15 City of Oshkosh Fire Department-Main St. @ Court St.
Station 16 City of Oshkosh Fire Department-Washburn Ave.
Station 17 City of Oshkosh Fire Department-Congress Ave.
Station 18 City of Oshkosh Fire Department-Bowen St. @ Murdock St.
Station 21 Town of Algoma Fire Department
Station 24 Omro Joint Fire Department (Village and Town)
Station 25 Town of Oshkosh Fire Department
Station 27 Town of Vinland Fire Department
Station 28 Town of Winneconne and Village of Winneconne Fire Departments
Station 31 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Breezewood Ave., Neenah
Station 32 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Main St. @ Columbian Ave., Neenah
Station 35 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Main St. @ First St., Menasha
Station 36 Neenah-Menasha Fire-Rescue-Airport Rd., Menasha
Station 39 Town of Neenah Fire Department
Station 40 Town of Menasha Fire Department-Cold Spring Road (Main Station)
Station 41 Town of Menasha Fire Department-Valley Rd.
Station 43 Clayton-Winchester Fire Department-County T, Larsen
Station 44 Clayton-Winchester Fire Department-Winchester
Station 45 Town of Boom Bay Fire Department
  • Last 2 digits of vehicles and apparatus are its home station
  • All Winnebago County communities use Gold Cross Ambulance, except the City of Oshkosh, which has it's own Rescue Units:
    • Rescue 14 housed at Station 14
    • Rescue 15 housed at Station 15
    • Rescue 16 housed at Station 16
    • Rescue 17 housed at Station 18

Law Enforcement Unit Numbering

Adam = Town of Menasha Fire
Auxiliary = City of Oshkosh Auxiliary Police
Baker = Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue
C = Wisconsin DNR
Clayton = Clayton-Winchester Fire
Delta = Town of Neenah Fire

Echo = City of Menasha Police
  Echo 20-Echo 24 Patrol Squad Numbers (Cars 20-24)
  Echo 25 Shift Supervisor (Lt.) (Truck 25)
  Echo 33 Complaint Desk
  Echo 48 Community Serivce Officer (CSO) (Van 47)
  Echo 5X'-7X's Officer's Badge Numbers
  Echo 15x's Auxilary Police
  Echo ? Code Enforcement Officer (Car 10)

Fox = Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue
George = Town of Utica Fire
Henry = Town of Oshkosh Fire

John = City of Omro Police
  John X's Officer's Badge Numbers
  John 915-John 916 Patrol Section Numbers ("John" is usually omitted)

King = Village of Winneconne Police
  King X's Officer's Badge Numbers
  King 917-King 918 Patrol Section Numbers ("King" is usually omitted)

Marine = Sheriff Boat Patrol
Mary = Town of Vinland Fire

Nora = City of Neenah Police
  Nora 9 Shift Supervisor (Lt.)
  Nora 27 Parking Officer
  Nora 46 Community Service Officer (CSO)
  Nora 7X's Detectives
  Nora 8X's PSL Officers
  Nora 80 Neenah High School PSLO
  Nora 81 Neenah Middle Schools PSLO
  Nora 99 Complaint Desk
  Nora 1XX's Officer's Badge Numbers

Ocean = City of Oshkosh Fire
Paul = Omro Joint Fire
Queen = Poygan Fire
Robert = Town of Algoma Fire

Sam = City of Oshkosh Police
  Sam X's/Sam 1X's Officer's Section Numbers
    Sam 1 Central
    Sam 2 East
    Sam 3 Northeast
    Sam 4 Southeast
    Sam 5 West
    Sam 6 Southwest
    Sam 7 Northwest
    Sam 8-19 Floaters
  Sam 20-199  Patrol Officers Badge Numbers
  Sam 2XX's Misc
    Sam 200 Complaint Desk
    Sam 23X's Sgts (Shift Commanders)
    Sam 240-250 Detectives
    Sam 251-260 Community Serivce Officers (CSOs)
    Sam 267-270 Parking Officers?
  Sam 3XX's Patrol Officers Badge Numbers

State Car = Wisconsin State Patrol
  State Car 3XX's Troopers
  State Car 33XX's Motor Carrier Inspectors

Tom = Town of Nekimi Fire
Union = Town of Boom Bay Fire
Victor = Village of Winneconne Fire

Winnebago = County Sheriff
  Winnebago XX's, 1XX's, & 2XX's Deputy Badge Numbers
  Winnebago 8XX's Sheriff Reserve Officers
  Winnebago 9XX's Patrol Section Numbers
    901 Sheriff Northeast Patrol Area
    902 Sheriff East Center Patrol Area
    903 Sheriff Southeast Patrol Area
    904 Sheriff Southwest Patrol Area
    905 Sheriff West Center Patrol Area
    906 Sheriff Northwest Patrol Area
    907 Sheriff Rover
    908 Sheriff Rover/Airport
    909 Sheriff Corporal
    910 Sheriff Patrol Sgt
    912 Sheriff Complaint Desk
    914 Sheriff unknown

X-ray = Town of Menasha Police
  X-Ray 100 Complaint Desk
  X-Ray 5XX's Officers Badge Numbers
    X-Ray 501 Chief
    X-Ray 51X's Lts
    X-Ray 52X's-54X's Officers

Young = Town of Winneconne Fire